use gameguardian to lock character's states in FFBE

The states will go back to the original values after every quest battle so they have to be searched and modified after quest battle every time. Note that arena and pvp battles will not let the states change back to the original values.
Sometimes you may find multiple “sets” of stats. This may be due to that (1) you have character(s) of the same sets of stats and (2) some of the sets correspond to unknown character(s) which may belong to other players in arena. In case (1), it is safe to modify your own characters’ stats. However, if it is case (2), there is a high chance that the game could crash after playing a while. If you find more than one sets, here is my instructions:
1. Change one of the stats, back to game, click on the character and check the stats. You may have to enter character’s stat page and back to team overview to see the change.
2a. If the corresponding stat changes, then it is safe to modify that set of stats.
2b. If the corresponding stat doesn’t change, back to GG and change it back. Then try the next set and repeat Step 1.
ps. I have seen more than 10 sets of unknown characters’ stats after playing nearly 10 hours. To avoid this, just close the game, clear memory cache of FFBE app, and enter the game again.


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12 thoughts on “use gameguardian to lock character's states in FFBE

  1. Unfortunately with the Dword does not find anything, I took the main pg (Rain) without items so as not to mistake the values, entered all the parameters as in the video with the; in order starting from HP, MP and status, after doing the research nothing appeared, maybe we have to change system now in 2018?

  2. did u manage to change other values. obviously lapis ain't working. I tried rank exp and found the value but it crashes once u receive xp and u would "fake level up". thx for this though

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