Twisted Fairy Tale Horror Game – Nemoral (Game Maker)

Nemoral was not submitted for iGMC 2018, but Twisted Fairy Tales 2018. This is something you can find in the descriptions below. Twisted Fairy Tales last from 10/01-10/31.

IGMC2018 is a completely separate contest hosted by Degica Games on That bit of info can be found here. IGMC last from 10/29-11/30.

Additionally, Nightmare Traveler was not part of either gamejams/contests, but for different GameJams that can be seen on its game page.

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2 thoughts on “Twisted Fairy Tale Horror Game – Nemoral (Game Maker)

  1. Hello everyone,
    This is not about the video this person made…
    I am looking for a really good Horror Game maker. I comment on random videos to see if I have luck.
    I had a really crazy dream. I wasn't in the horror game… I was watching someone play that horror game on Youtube in my dream. I won't say more details about that Horror dream. But I thought it was really good.
    So if anyone knows someone who can make horror games, can you please comment their Youtube channel name/ Email address/ whatever they have down there?
    Thank you so much!❤

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