TURTLE HEAD RPG HORROR [Part 1] Gameplay Playthrough

True to my word, here’s more RPG Horror, and I bet you haven’t seen this one yet! =]
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I don’t cuss in these videos because I am a Christian and I don’t feel like that’s something I should do. If you ever need prayer or conversation of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact me. =]

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This YouTube channel is mostly Let’s Play, Gameplay, Playthrough videos. Sometimes I do a series called “DURABILITY TEST” where I pretty much just smash electronics in my backyard. If you are subscribed, it means the world to me. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a message or comment, I usually see and respond to them all!

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37 thoughts on “TURTLE HEAD RPG HORROR [Part 1] Gameplay Playthrough

  1. WhAt ThE hEcK hOw CoUlD yOu NoT dO a SiMpLe FrEaKiN mOnTh ThAt WaS wAy To EaSy I cAn'T bElIeVe YoU yOu'Re A sTuPiD fRiCkIn FrIcK aNd A dIsApPoInTmEnT tO yOuR eNtIrE fAmIlY TrEe even though I actually didn't know what the problem was until you pointed it out.

  2. so this means? I've been watching you for nearly two years. didnt think it's been that long since I've started watching. (this was the first vid of yours I watched.)

  3. im binging all your rpgmaker horror game siries while making my own rpgmaker horror game because i like your videos

  4. i was trying to find someone who made an LP of this game! Plus you're so charismatic and have a rad voice. +sub from me!

  5. hey october was originaly ment to be the eighth month but then theres freaking julious ceaser and his nephew augustus who JUST HAD to have months named after themselfs

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