Top 5 Best Drinking Games For 2 People

In this video, we explain our top 5 best drinking games for 2 players.

See our TOP 15 drinking games for 2 people here:

Looking for some fun drinking games for 2 people? We’ve listed our top 5 drinking games for 2 players in this quick video. These also make great drinking games for couples! Drinking games are played around the world, and many well-known games can be modified into fun drinking games for two.

We have one card game, and the others are drinking games for 2 without cards. So some of these games will be playable with common things you can find around the house. Or, just the internet!

If you’re staying in or looking to have a little more fun with a friend, pick one of these awesome drinking games for two! Looking to drink with your partner? These definitely make for great couple drinking games as well.

Play “Would You Rather” here:

Stay safe and have fun!



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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Drinking Games For 2 People

  1. Here is another drinking game for two and more people

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  3. Here's another drinking game that works really well with 2 people: I designed my app, Naked English, to help English students improve their pronunciation, but realised the tongue twisters would also make a brilliant drinking game: the app uses voice recognition and gives you an instant % accuracy match for any given phrase, lowest % match has to chug. Beautiful in its simplicity and always a tonne of fun. Check out Naked English in the iOS AppStore and give it a go!

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