Top 10 Most Insane Steam Achievements

The likelihood of you unlocking these hard as nails achievements is very low! For this list we’ll be looking at the most insane achievements on Steam, so expect games such as Garry’s Mod, Half Life 2: Episode 2, Dead Rising and Super Meat Boy. Have you actually unlocked any of these achievements? Let us know in the comments!

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List Entries and Rank:
10. Master of the Universe
9. Go Outside
8. Unachievable
7. Impossible Boy
6. Tau Efficiency
5. Day Survivor
4. Little Rocket Man
3, 2 & 1: ???

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Insane Steam Achievements

  1. Oh I got the impossible achievement from stanley parable without cheating and I i didn't even knew it was that hard XD

  2. The Visual Novel "Hate Plus" has two absolutely crazy achievements.
    First is "Cooking by the Book". At one point the game asks you to bake a cake, not in-game but a real one, and to get the achievement you have to send a photo of said cake to the developer.

    The second one is "Level Four Revive Materia" which requires you to save a certain character's life, which, as some of you might have already realized, is impossible. So, yeah, this achievement is impossible to get. By design.

  3. The "Unachievable" achievement is the only one I haven't received in The Stanley Parable. Of course, I cheated with the "Go Outside" one by changing my computer clock. No way am I willing to wait five years for that one. Although, I haven't actually played it for real for a couple of months.

  4. no the #1 hardest steam achievement is definitely the "So Over It" Achievement from Getting Over It With Bennette Foddy.
    Beating the game just once is a pain on it's own, but this Devil Incarnate of an achievement makes you beat the game 50 TIMES!!!!!!!

  5. #10 beating the game without dying is hard i know why i hate to do something without dying lets move on
    #9 congratulations you are suspended for 5 years to not play the game thanks for for that nightmare
    #8 impossible to get but strange that is that is possible but you need practice to learn
    #7 another trophy to do it without dying but this is harder than #10 one i never been good at this game so lets move on
    #6 don't like strategy games no commenting move on
    #5 this is only one that i succeed but its hard to wait and rest without dying i once put the timing too long and i waited for too long that i get punished with death
    #4 a gnome that he can take you out of map that's so annoying but escorting a non living person is harder than i though
    #3 like in #6 don't like to talk about strategy games moving on
    #2 you need to play on same server like owner of game i think he doesn't playing it anymore so good luck
    #1 i tried to do it but i cant beat more than 1 puzzle its hard i tried the game but i don't like much puzzle so this is a nightmare for me

  6. I could tell you guys something crazy/ not really crazy. I beat Dying light in 6 hours and 43 minutes. The world record is 1 hour and something minutes. I was pretty close right…..right

  7. I’ve beaten Half life 2 episode 2 with the gnome achievement in my first play through and overall it wasn’t too bad but it was really hard on those sections where u have to evade the hunter chopper and and the area where you first encounter the combine advisor, also I only found it difficult when I have to take it with the car because it had a habit of falling off randomly.

    And I literally had no idea what he meant when he said that it launches you out of the map 6:01

  8. check out Bad ass babes on Steam. its got digitized sprites, a cheesy plot, tonnes of beat em up action, a bit of boobs and features special guest Ron Jeremy.

  9. about spending time.. im trying to get jetpack for X01 power armor in fallout 76 for 4 months now.. yes im that unlucky..

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