The Weirdest Game I've EVER Played | Monster Trap

Today we’re gonna be playing a game made by one of my friends. A game that’s weird, but its messages about how people should treat each-other is a nice message. What you’re about to watch is my first time playing this game.

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🎮 Game: Monster Trap

Download The Game Here:

Check Out The Creator of The Game Here:

(but if you’re not interested in the game and find it weird, please don’t go and harass/witchhunt this person. It’s just a game.)


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30 thoughts on “The Weirdest Game I've EVER Played | Monster Trap

  1. Gaming biggest mystery’s:
    Is Luigi in sm64?
    Where is bigfoot in San Andreas?
    Who really is gaster?
    Is the madden curse really real?

    How was the sweet potato born?

    screams great job, daniel t. gaming. And good luck on that new channel you might be making, floral star.
    -signed by Youtube law
    [toothpaste snake]

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