The Forgotten N64 Bundle – Pokemon Stadium Battle Set

The Nintendo 64 has more variations and bundles than almost any other console out there, although I would bet that most people have probably never heard of the Pokemon Stadium Battle Set. Unlike the more well known Special Edition Pikachu N64 console, this package includes a basic grey Nintendo 64 along with a variety of interesting items that relate to Pokemon Stadium, including a very cool Trainer’s Journal which could not be obtained anywhere else. In this video we do an unboxing and have a look at just what is inside the N64 Pokemon Stadium Battle Set!

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16 thoughts on “The Forgotten N64 Bundle – Pokemon Stadium Battle Set

  1. >it's the goodies that make this one stand out
    >basic n64
    >basic cheapest controller variant
    >basic rumble pack
    >basic game cartridge
    >mostly the same box
    >pretty much just an ordinary bundle with one little booklet difference.

  2. Just ordered another N64 sadly I couldn't afford the Pikachu version but this looks awesome but I got Stadium 1 tho that's a must have for me.

  3. There was a special Blue Pokémon n64 that came with the system and a Pokémon controller with a yellow top and blue bottom unfortunately it was only released in Europe and Australia. It’s very rare to come across

  4. Uh… how would I plug this into my flatsceen HD TV? There's no place on it for the colored plugs to go in.

  5. Not going to lie, this video felt weird without your titular intro.
    "Hello everyone, Andrew here…"

  6. I got this for my 8th birthday! I was the only one in my friend group to have the atomic purple controller. Still my favorite color!

  7. I will always love the Pokemon Franchise 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁. I'm currently playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on my Switch and having fun and looking forward to Pokemon Sward and Shield later this year.

  8. cool i remember couple years ago a guy near me was selling this set . i did not grab it has im not a n64 collector .

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