The Brutal Open-World Action Game That Has Been Forgotten…

Let’s take a new look at the Post-Apocalyptic Open World game ‘Mad Max’. Why wasn’t it more popular? This project did so many things right and for some reason, disappeared and was never really talked about after. When I think of underrated gems, this comes in mind.

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25 thoughts on “The Brutal Open-World Action Game That Has Been Forgotten…

  1. Most games have some form of repetition but some alot more than others. Mad max was very repetitive with some things, like taking over new territory and the combat system but overall it was a great game. A longer campaign or some DLC would probably have made it not so forgettable as well, The Witcher 3 has proved that alot of people want way longer single player games now and with a lot more depth, at least open world ones. Good to see that developers are doing this now, Read Dead 2 is a fine example and has redeemed the absolute joke that GTA V has become

  2. I remember being so hype that this game was coming out and never played it because I wanted multiplayer lol silly me, I gotta get this

  3. Thank you for the amazing video because of you i have found this badass game it’s a nice variety to games like Skyrim or the Witcher

  4. i thought the wasteland was just not very detailed. It was just rocks the environments always seemed a bit too bland and repetetive to keep me interested for long

  5. This game is so underrated it’s sad. The car combat feels intense, the open world feels cold and unforgiving, and the characters are so well acted

  6. The game got no real exposure because it wasn't WOKE….. A WHITE MALE PROTAGONIST ISN'T WHAT THEY WANT ANYMORE.

  7. I'm still playing this, as recent as last week – the environment is beautiful. The forts are fun, I don't regret ever having this game.

  8. Great game, I had an absolute blast with this. However, if you are playing on PC, I would suggest playing this with a controller. This game felt weird on keyboard.

  9. This game is fun despite some repetitiveness. It's a very good open world and being able to live in Mad Max universe is so addictive. Terribly underrated and one of the few open world I can replay time to time because it has a persnality on its own. I felt the ending a bit weak though.

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