Sun Room House Addition! ECO Gameplay – Survival Building Game

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Eco is an online game where players must collaborate to build a civilization in a world where everything they do affects the environment. All resources come from a simulated ecosystem, with thousands of plants and animals simulating 24/7. Work together through the player-run government and economy to build the technology to stop a meteor on a collision course with the planet, without polluting the world and killing it off in the process before that even happens.

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47 thoughts on “Sun Room House Addition! ECO Gameplay – Survival Building Game

  1. Just learns about upgrading efficiency, resets order, good. Goes to campfire where earlier he was complaining about having to use too much meat. …. Still lots of points to spend, …. does nothing.

  2. Cooking is pointless until you maximize the efficiency. I don't really understand nor like this game design's choice.

  3. I thought Sl1p was just going to break the peace at the beginning by just randomly yelling “ AND A METEOR IS GOING TO HIT US IN ABOUT 21 DAYS!! OMG!!!”

  4. Sl1pg8r, you should build a basement under your house and put the storage systems in the basement so that they would connect to all of your work tables and then they wouldn't be out in the open and look ugly.

  5. The walls take up part of the block you are trying to place the mill on. It's snapping to the block, not the wall

  6. Keep it up slip awsome vids you should do a bit of exploring would like to see what other peps are up too

  7. This music is so relaxing, every time I start one of your ECO videos I instantly become relaxed, your voice and music. <3

  8. RIP ECO world.
    Again. Childs game to learn how to work together and how to be respectful to the nature. I dont really wanna be negative but you guys are gonna ruin the world, i can tell already. Everyone has same skills, nobody seem to care about the resources etc etc, why do you even play this? Its not a game. Please downvote this so he stops this series, its just gonna be lame when they ruin the world after X episodes.

  9. I haven't been excited about a "new" game in a while. This game looks amazing. I hadn't considered this game the first time I saw it because it was too much like Minecraft, but after watching you play, Sl1p, it looks like my kinda game. I am loving the crafting trees and the complexity of it. Can't wait for my tax return so I can buy it and gift a copy to my kids so we can play co-op. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’ve read a lot of people have difficulty with farming, and as the food producer on my server I can say what worked for me is to use the map, look up something like Corn YieldPotential or BeetYieldPotential, turn on show in world, and plant the crops in yellow/ red areas. The corn and beets you planted may die because of poor conditions, but Fireweed should grow well there

  11. Im not really good at explaining things but ill try. For the mine, you could build ramps down to a point where there is only stone and you could dig all around there for the cart. You would only need a couple ramps

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