StarCraft 2 – Stalker Quotes

All of the quotations from the Stalker in StarCraft 2.

Voice actor: ?

“I am here in the shadows.”

“Cold is the Void.”
“I am the heart of darkness.”
“You require my skills?”
“I am the voice of the eclipse.”
“State thy bidding.”
“We are one with the shadows.”

“My heart is colder than these steel limbs.”
“Twilight comes, as it must.”
“We are all but shadows in the Void.”
“I hear the call of the stars.”
“Night falls… and so will you.”
“I am one with the darkness!” (crashing noise) “Ouch… that hurt.”
“You look better in the dark.”
“Don’t blink, or you’ll miss me!”
“Now you see me, now you don’t! Oh wait, here I am!”
“You went to bed early last night.”
“I see you turned off your phone.”
“You never return my calls.”
“I’m your biggest fan!”
“Restraining order? What about our love?”
“I have pictures of you… hundreds.”

“Very well.”
“It shall be as you say.”
“(Khalani language)”
“I serve… for now.”
“We move unseen.”
“For the reckoning!”
“Very wise.”

“Death comes to all!”
“(Khalani language)”
“The Void hungers!”
“Cold fury!”
“(Khalani language)”
“Forever sleep.”
“Complete the cycle.”
“For Shakuras!”

“Fall back to the shadows!”



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  1. I never understood this unit so is it a zealot that got really fucked up and put in a little shell to operate

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