Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) playthrough ~Longplay~

This is a playthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) for Xbox 360, including all three character episodes, the last episode, each character’s Very Hard DLC levels, and the Team Attack Amigo DLC. (timestamps below)

Everything I could possibly say for Sonic ’06 has been said already, it’s a technical disaster with an unnecessarily convoluted plot; but it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s the quintessential video game trainwreck, and for that I applaud it.

Sonic’s Episode:

00:00:00 Opening

00:07:59 Wave Ocean
00:15:51 Egg Cerberus – Boss
00:19:13 Dusty Desert
00:25:04 Silver the Hedgehog – Boss
00:33:17 White Acropolis
00:41:51 Crisis City
00:50:10 Flame Core
00:56:46 Iblis Phase 2 – Boss
01:04:35 Radical Train
01:09:51 Egg Genesis – Boss
01:13:02 Tropical Jungle
01:20:21 Wave Ocean (as Tails)
01:29:49 Kingdom Valley
01:43:53 Aquatic Base
01:53:12 Egg Wyvern – Boss

02:00:51 Credits – Sweet Dreams

Shadow’s Episode:

02:09:07 Opening Cutscene

02:09:54 White Acropolis
02:15:12 Egg Cerberus – Boss
02:21:13 Kingdom Valley
02:37:00 Crisis City
02:47:39 Flame Core
02:56:09 Iblis Phase 2 – Boss
03:03:39 Tropical Jungle (as Rouge)
03:08:50 Mephiles Phase 1 – Boss
03:16:02 Radical Train
03:21:13 Silver the Hedgehog – Boss
03:26:03 Aquatic Base
03:40:31 Wave Ocean
03:51:39 Dusty Desert
03:58:21 Mephiles Phase 2 – Boss

04:05:01 Credits – All Hail Shadow

Silver’s Episode:

04:13:18 Opening Cutscene

04:14:23 Crisis City
04:21:22 Iblis Phase 1 – Boss
04:32:13 Tropical Jungle
04:38:58 Wave Ocean (as Blaze)
04:46:44 Dusty Desert
04:57:04 Sonic the Hedgehog – Boss
05:02:05 White Acropolis
05:06:42 Egg Genesis – Boss
05:22:32 Radical Train
05:28:48 Shadow the Hedgehog – Boss
05:34:07 Aquatic Base
06:01:06 Kingdom Valley
06:17:38 Flame Core
06:30:39 Iblis Phase 3 – Boss

06:37:54 Credits – Dreams of an Absolution

Last Episode:

06:46:11 Opening Cutscene

06:54:59 End of the World
07:06:36 Solaris Phase 1
07:10:03 Solaris Phase 2

07:20:45 Credits – My Destiny

Very Hard Mode DLC – Sonic:

07:29:03 Wave Ocean
07:33:44 Dusty Desert
07:37:23 White Acropolis
07:39:48 Crisis City
07:45:18 Flame Core
07:51:41 Radical Train
07:55:16 Tropical Jungle
08:00:30 Kingdom Valley
08:07:54 Aquatic Base

Very Hard Mode DLC – Shadow:

08:17:26 White Acropolis
08:30:55 Kingdom Valley
08:45:23 Crisis City
08:55:02 Flame Core
09:06:51 Radical Train
09:13:51 Aquatic Base
09:19:35 Wave Ocean
09:24:01 Dusty Desert

Very Hard Mode DLC – Silver

09:39:23 Crisis City
09:48:09 Tropical Jungle
09:56:13 Dusty Desert
10:08:12 White Acropolis
10:14:57 Radical Train
10:21:21 Aquatic Base
10:31:55 Kingdom Valley
10:46:51 Flame Core

Team Attack Amigo DLC:

11:00:58 Crisis City (as Tails)
11:02:47 Radical Train (as Tails)
11:04:48 Kingdom Valley (as Tails)
11:06:59 Tropical Jungle (as Blaze)
11:09:17 Aquatic Base (as Blaze)
11:14:36 Dusty Desert (as Omega)
11:19:07 White Acropolis (as Omega)
11:24:23 Egg Genesis – Boss (as Omega)


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42 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) playthrough ~Longplay~

  1. It was all going well until we found out sonic had a human girlfriend

    A human girlfriend like sega are u ok?

  2. I wish it was more like sonic and it was like for example tails got captured by eggman too turn him evil and too trick sonic too get him too turn bad! Not PRINCESS POOPOO

  3. This game is like the original sonic movie but was never fixed because of the stupid princess. This game was a mistake. I played it for a bit and thought it was a fake game because off princess poo head.😫😫

  4. I don't like how they killed Sonic, only to have him revived again, because for all we know, it might have had some impressionable naive children to believe that even if someone is straight-up killed, they can be revived. I know that characters can be revived in fictional media, but most kids probably don't know that, do they? Either keep them dead, or don't bother killing them at all.

  5. This game could’ve been really good but the loading screens and the bugs/glitches ruined this games potential and I feel heart broken

  6. i feel like rouge has both the worst and best sounds in the game
    worst is her "huuuh" voice line when she charges bombs midair
    best is "hey hey hey that doesn't look good" which is probably the best-delivered line in the game aside from every line eggman has

  7. Elise literally has no depth whatsoever. Sonic should be with another animal thing tbh. I want another sonic game that has a completely original story and unique themes with great character writing and soundtrack. Is that too much to ask..?

  8. The opening cutscene is honestly so well done this is what I thought the sonic movie would look like

  9. The first scene had sick quality, but after Elise was taken at night by talking egg, it's sudden day!

    oh no, it's one of my fav sonic games now

  10. I swear every boss fight is like *BDG Voice* With the ten-minute scene transitions of a high-school production of Les Miz
    It takes SO LONG for them to do the thing where the protag can get in and hit them

  11. Damn I would love to see this game remastered, with better graphics, bugs removed and the little flaws of the story fixed (the story is great and I love it, but it feels kind of rushed sometimes)

    This had great potential

  12. Want to know what really makes me mad the fact that you have to play a level and then tails said we need to go back to the city

  13. This makes me want to cry just playing this when I was a little kid and seeing all the cut seens and the endings in the game I miss the old times playing this game I wish they would remake the game again but much more better

  14. The song when you first load into the game gives me so much nostalgia this was also the first game I ever played since I was born in 2004 I still love it so much even if it wasn’t a very good game

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