Prisoner Hat Color Riddle – Can You Solve It?

Prisoners Hat Hard Riddle – Can You Solve It ?
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Four Prisoners Are Arrested for a Crime, but the jail is full and police has nowhere to put them. The police eventually comes up with this solution. The police said “I Will give you a puzzle, if you can solve it, you can go free, if you failed, you will executed”. The Police Then Set 3 of them into a line. The Fourth man is put behind the wall. The Police then put a hat on each of them. He Explains to them that there are 4 hats, 2 black hat, and 2 white hat. The rules for this is simple. If One of them can figure out the color of their hat in 30 seconds, all of them can go free.
Prisoner A can see prisoners B and C.
Prisoner B can only see prisoner C.
Prisoner C and D cant see anyone.
None Of them can see their own hat.
After 15 seconds, one of the prisoners blurts out “I Know the color of my hat”
Which Prisoners is that ?
And How did he knew ?

Can You Solve It ?

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8 thoughts on “Prisoner Hat Color Riddle – Can You Solve It?

  1. Took me a couple of seconds to figure out lol I LOVE riddles so i tried to reasons it out real quick

  2. B because if A saw two hats of the same color in front, he would know immediately his color. If he takes longer than a second to decide, B will know C and him have different colored hats. So he'll say the opposite color of C.

  3. They work as a team.
    both middle hats are white. guy in the back says his hat is black
    both middle hats are black. guy in the back says his hat is white
    guy in the back says nothing. guy in front of him knows that he has a different hat color than the guy in front of him.

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