Possessive Pride Playtime | Game of Lions

A group of young male lions use their smaller cousins as the ball in an aggressive game of keep away.
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Possessive Pride Playtime | Game of Lions

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27 thoughts on “Possessive Pride Playtime | Game of Lions

  1. I’m pretty sure one of the cubs was mauled and eaten by the older group. The Mother Lioness saved two and the teenagers were run off later by the pride.

  2. This cub seems a bit too young to be introduced into the pride. Usually the female brings them in when they're strong enough to take this type of rough play from the pride.

  3. A estos leones deberían darles veneno como una forma de proteger a los animales herviboros.

  4. And the documentary is called a game of lions or so thin along the lions of that see what I did there

  5. When are the females going to give the adolescent males the boot. Where are the pride babysitters and why haven't the adolescents had their face ripped off yet.

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