PlotWatcher – Time-Elapse HD Video Camera Review

The PlotWatcher camera is a time elapse camera that costs around $200. Needless to say, I was impressed and I emailed them for a demo to test and write about on my Website. Rich, one of the owners, sent me one and was quick to point out that their camera is not meant to replace trail cameras but instead compliment it with a different type of data intelligence gathering for a hunter. He also pointed out that most of us use these tools to try to be more successful in our hunting ventures and this is another tool to help increase our odds if used correctly.

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3 thoughts on “PlotWatcher – Time-Elapse HD Video Camera Review

  1. i might be buying 1 of these for next year 🙂 bug buig advatage. i miss alot deer on camera becausse they are too far or a little to far left/right. and as far as hidding it from hikers and other "bad" hunters i'll deff be climbing up the trees to hang it, unless it has a lock box.. in that case id only hang it 10 feet up outa reach lol

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