Pizza Maker Chef Baking Kitchen

Having love for junk food making, try the most tasty recipe of fast food delicious pizza making at the fast food baking kitchen.

Reveal out your maker cooking creativity for tasty pizza food making and create your own delicious pizza and make mouth to waters. Select the tasty pizza bite of your choice to eat and enjoy your delicious meal.

Before going into the pizza maker cooking kitchen, buy fast food items for the tasty pizza making, go to the market store to purchase ingredients for yummy pizza making and bring all the yummy pizza maker cooking to home after paying bill.

Get ready to start delicious pizza making in your cooking kitchen with dough making. Mix the flour well to roll perfectly with roller for tasty pizza dough.
Cut the vegetables very carefully to prove yourself that you are the best pizza baking chef.

To make tasty pizza more delicious, make tasty pizza spicy sauce and enjoy the yummy recipe of delicious pizza by the yummy pizza maker.

At the end, make the pizza to be loaded with tons of toppings and put it in the oven for baking.

Take out the delicious yummy pizza, ready to remove hunger. Prove yourself that you are the best cooking pizza maker.


– beautiful high quality HD graphics and sounds
– Smooth and easy to use interface
– Unlimited pizza maker topping combinations
– Interactive animated scenes for making, baking and packing of pizza
– different pizza shapes, sauces and cheese types
– huge selection of ingredients such as meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs and spices, fruits, ketchup, candies and even toys


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