Part 30 – Context Clues: Make a game like Zelda using Unity and C#

Welcome! Today we’re looking at adding a small detail that can make the game look more polished.

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Ryan Hipple’s talk:

Richard “Superpig” Fine’s talk:

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21 thoughts on “Part 30 – Context Clues: Make a game like Zelda using Unity and C#

  1. When I add the public Signal lines at the top of the Sign script, I get the type of namespace name 'Signal' could not be found ?? And also I'm unable to add a Signal Listener?

  2. diffs for episode:


  3. I have a problem with this. The context clues work fine, but it shows on every single object with it in the scene instead of just the one I'm currently looking at. Any reason for this? Forgot to add I'm using this context clue on the objects themselves instead of over the player.

  4. I am having problem on Signal. It says "the type or namespace name 'Signal' could not be found". Any fixes on this? btw thank you for all the tutorials. It really helps me to understand game making much better !!

  5. Hey, Taft!

    I was thinking: isn't it possible/easier to only have a single signal be sent continuously while the player is within a certain radius than to make 2 different signals?

  6. Thank you!

    For some reason the Context Clue only shows up if I set the size of the Scriptable Objects to 1….
    Trying to understand why…

  7. I made a nice little animation for the question mark spawning in my project. To make it have a despawn animation and not just instantly vanish, I created a IEnumerator CoRoutine in the ContextClue script telling it to activate the despawn animation before it deactivated the context clue object on the player. I had to to fiddle with stuff for a while, but got it working perfectly. A few weeks ago, I had no idea what the hell a CoRoutine was. This series teaches in a way that other youtube videos simply cannot.

    I am starting to realise that it's not just the end code that matters, it's the method of getting there.

  8. pls help i'm just getting to here but, inside my context clue it appears when I pause my game but, it does not show up during game mode i'll try resetting Unity. I also tried the tag and sorting layer and nothing ;(

  9. YESSSS!!!! I want your babies.

    Great work so far. Awe inspiring.

    Also, can you add some class system ( I know it is not core Zelda Like, but still :P)

  10. Umm, another issue im having is when im in play mode and i select anything other then the player in my Hierarchy my movement speed gets reduced but it doesn't change speed value on the player script….weird

  11. HI! Is it possible to make a signal that has a parameter, so you could for example have signal contextClue with parameter On/Off, that way you would have one listener. Would it be better?

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