OBSERVATION Walkthrough (Full Game)

This is a complete walkthrough of Observation the game by No Code and Devolver Digital.

Observation the game is a sci-fi thriller where you play as a space station artificial intelligence known as S.A.M. Your mission is to uncover what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher and the crew of the station.

This full walkthrough of Observation is two and a half hours long – movie length really – which fits as the game is like playing a movie. I don’t collect all data drops/memories in this playthrough. If you want the Observation “Memory Recovered Trophy” I’ve made a separate video for all the data drop locations here:

Memory Recovered Trophy data drop locations:

My verdict on this game is that it is great. I really enjoyed it. There were moments where I felt extremely tense. I’m still talking about the ending with anyone who will listen. Definitely recommend.

Observation is created by No Code:

Published by Devolver Digital:

Available on the PS4 and the Epic store:

Nguồn: https://sekaliklik.com/

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6 thoughts on “OBSERVATION Walkthrough (Full Game)

  1. Guide to finding all the data drops (memories) to get the Observation "Memory Recovered Trophy" is here: https://youtu.be/NnGlXSmLnqY

  2. has anyone had a bug where you cant zoom in properly on panel for source of fire? lt keeps telling me i cant acheive zoom

  3. This doesn't work. One of the hatches says, "Zoom needed not achievable" when I try to zoom in on it where you're trying to shut down life support on Jim. How do you get past that?

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