Mexican YouTube Star MURDERED After Insulting Cartel Boss

17 year old Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales was shot 18 times in a bar after posting video of him talking shit about one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico.

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41 thoughts on “Mexican YouTube Star MURDERED After Insulting Cartel Boss

  1. Basically he was talkin out of his ass like 6ix9ine does. Only in Mexico, they made an example out of him and quick! 6ix9ine snitched and he still out here making music videos talking out his ass smh

  2. What amazes me is that the government of Mexico cannot destroy these cartels or capture these leaders. There is no doubt in my mind that the government is being paid off by the cartels to turn their heads the other way. South America, Central America and Mexico are corrupt to the core. America should have nothing to do with these people or their cultures.

  3. My aunt Was friends with la Felina Mary she got smoked for running her mouth on Twitter . Reynosa Tamaulipas doesn’t play that’s shit

  4. No constrain no control
    No leadership
    Dudes need to read art of war or something for starters
    This is just bad publicity

  5. You seriously dont mess with any boss cartel mafia or anysort expect to be dealt with someway deaths mostly wat happens with cartel so they run shit find out anything about anyone and wen u tell them wer you are without havent to look well thts drunken stupidity

  6. Y'all gotta understand 5 mill on his head he still working any weakness like not killing him can get him locked or killed himself

  7. It’d be nice if the us could give the Mexico like a few billion dollars to invest in high power equipment to go against the cartel. Or just the US going against the cartel because honestly they all deserve death. I don’t tend to think a group of people deserve something but when it’s the cartel 100%

  8. The people in this comment section are disgusting the guy got killed for a stupid joke and you people are making fun of him at least pay condolences

  9. Sometimes I wonder if narcos in Mexico and gangsters here in USA would get into a big fight and how it would end

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