Lights Out! Neon On! | Mortal Kombat

Lights out. Neons on! Light Balance have their own special way to celebrate the release of MK11!

🎵Credits: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Bassjackers – You’re Next

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Lights Out! Neon On! | Mortal Kombat


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48 thoughts on “Lights Out! Neon On! | Mortal Kombat

  1. Ok but why didn't they introduce sub zero separate from them… no lights yet… then u hear ALRIGHT STOP… neon lights on and sub zero goes from staring at the floor to the camera with a close shot sub zero glides and the camera moves back and he dance to ice ice baby

  2. This is a year ago and they did not release this the only thing released is Raiden friendship that looks like this
    So why make a Trailer

  3. People say that if you main Raiden (Which is wrong) But look at this!

    People say that I'm trash at this game because I Main Raiden but little did they know I'm a Genius as Raiden.

  4. Does this remind anybody of a game that came out when the WII was popular. Star Wars connect and the terrible Han Sola song.

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