Let's play Soma BLIND :1: Say Cheese

Welcome to my blind let’s play of Soma! I’m really happy that my return to Germany coincided with the release of the game.

I’m uploading videos in threes because I have a time limit now per video due to the copyright strike, so sessions will basically be the same length, only split up. It might be easier to follow that way anyway.

I know everyone and their cat is LPing this, but honestly, I don’t care, I have never been the sort to jump on the bandwagon of popular games to try and gouge views, I play games to share my experience with you, and this happens to be the game I want to play the most right now.

I hope you enjoy the videos, because I am really enjoying the game so far.

Outro music: Josh Woodward – Fight the Sea

Nguồn: https://sekaliklik.com/

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24 thoughts on “Let's play Soma BLIND :1: Say Cheese

  1. Love your let's plays, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of PC do you use to play your games? I'm interested in getting into PC gaming more.

  2. You keeping the door open while sitting on the chair at the end made me wonder if they were gonna make something pop up in the hall, hehe (Just started this LP I'm so late to the party :'D)

  3. Welp… I'm late but I don't care. This how I'm spending my night by watching Phallll's lets play. Life is good.

  4. Welcome back~! Yay so happy to hear you! The hero's comeback! XD
    That's also when I was born- I agree with what you meant about relatable characters. And then if you find out something specific like that that's the same for you, you can get even more attached.

  5. one of my fav lets players is back and does already one hell of a game again. Just so happy after you coming back neverending nightmare, outlast dlc and now soma. Keep it coming, all the best to you 😉

  6. I wasn't gonna watch this because I spook way too easily but… now I have to because you're playing it. Thanks Phallll. XD

  7. OH THANK THE HEAVENS! Do you realize how hard its been NOT seeing this game? :P:P:P

    Welcome officially back. Heres to hopin this year of LPs is best to come! cheers

  8. Had a feeling you would play this, so I stayed away from Cry's playthrough. Glad I get to see this blind.

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