LEGO NINJAGO "Spinning Out In Color" Official Video by The Fold

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Pythor and his Nindroids have captured Lloyd and are draining his Golden Powers to bring the Overlord back to flesh in the form of the cursed god-like Golden Master Overlord. Meanwhile, Pythor and the Nindroids are trying to break in at Borg tower. The Ninjas must use their Techno Blades in a daring rescue – inside the Overlord’s corrupted hard drive, where they can use their Techno Blades to reboot the motherboard and destroy the Digital Overlord computer virus once and for all! In the Digiverse, the Ninjas figure out that they can have their dreams, wishes, blessings, and desires come true. At Borg tower, the Nindroids manage to take Cyrus Borg. Sensei Garmadon battles Evil Sensei Wu. When the Ninjas escape the Digiverse after erasing the Digital Overlord, Pythor and the Nindroids are no where to be found.

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Edited by: Ninjago Bros

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We’re all set to get back on the scene
The whole city is apart at the seams
It’s cold in the new Ninjago

They’re comin quick but you gotta believe
We could take em once we find what we need to grow
And keep it under control

Looks like we’re headin home
We’re gonna put on a show…

Spinnin’ out in color
Spinnin’ out in color
Spinnin’ out of trouble
Spinnin’ out in color

With perfect tact we must hack the machine
Start digging deep into the digital beast
It knows.. That we’re getting so close

We’ll fight smart, to conserve energy
Tear it up thus restoring the peace
Let’s go! Here’s to New Ninjago


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37 thoughts on “LEGO NINJAGO "Spinning Out In Color" Official Video by The Fold

  1. Крутое видео и песня за это тебе в награду подписка и лайк

  2. It’s 2020 and the nostalgia is hitting hard I use to watch ninjago all the time when I was younger. Now I’m turning 17 in a couple months and I don’t know, I just find myself missing being a kid more and more.

  3. I have to say the fold are my favourite band in the world. Keep doing what you’re doing because you don’t need to change a thing don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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