Inside the Mind of a Free-to-Play Whale

Video game whales are an actual thing, they’re people who spends hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on microtransactions and in-app purchases in free to play games. Free to play games like fate grand order. But what makes these whales spend so much money on free-to-play games and what do they get out of the whole thing? Well this one player thinks he might know, because he is also a free-to-play whale.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: Liam McKelvey
Editor: Jake Kulkowski


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46 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of a Free-to-Play Whale

  1. hmm… spending 450 dollars on a mobile game, how about I tell you that I have have friends who went on two weeks vacation to see the northern lights and it costs them 10000 dollars? the funny thing is, they didn't even get to see the lights in the end because of the bad weather. I also have friends who spent a night out drinking for over 500 dollars. Paying certain amount of money for a one time experience, I think that's okay as long as you know your limit, and able to control your spending.

  2. I totally didn't constantly try to get my waifu on sif and sifas when I did play consistently 😂 I spent around a few years trying to get a card I liked so much.

  3. If whales were on the verge of extinction in gatcha games, developers would stop creating paid content and lootboxes galore!
    And instead of laying games that want to pump your money in the first place while creating a competitive gap between whales and f2p, they would try to work their game so that they are innovative, competitive and where victory is not play more money but talent.
    League of Legends is a great example, paying will not help you become better than your opponent. The paid content is only cosmetic and yet Riot has largely made a fortune and is one of the biggest companies in the world.
    Whales do not pay bills or other nonsense, they just help maintain this deviant p2w / p2p / lootbox game mode … which does not develop any talent in the player because they only have to take out their money to win (no need to think , optimize, save, anticipate …)
    In short, the decline in video games and whales are contributing greatly!
    Si les baleines étaient au bord de l'extinction dans les jeux gatcha, les développeurs cesseraient de créer du contenu payant et des lootboxes à gogo!
    Et au lieu de créer des jeux qui veulent pomper votre argent en premier lieu tout en créant un écart compétitif entre les baleines et le f2p, ils essaieraient de travailler leur jeu afin qu'ils soient innovants, compétitifs et où la victoire n'est pas de jouer plus d'argent mais de talent.
    League of Legends est un excellent exemple, payer ne vous aidera pas à devenir meilleur que votre adversaire. Le contenu payant n'est que cosmétique et pourtant Riot a largement fait fortune et est l'une des plus grandes entreprises du monde.
    Les baleines ne paient pas de factures ou d'autres bêtises, elles aident simplement à maintenir ce mode de jeu déviant p2w / p2p / lootbox … qui ne développe aucun talent chez le joueur car elles n'ont qu'à retirer leur argent pour gagner (pas besoin de penser , optimiser, enregistrer, anticiper …)
    Bref, la baisse des jeux vidéo et des baleines y contribue grandement!

  4. You know… you don't have to be careful around those mobage whale. They love digital characters that they would be reasonable enough to spend money on them can also meant that their interest in human is also not high but not low. So it's normal for them to act like a normal person in front of other people.

    Edit: why was this recommended to me….

  5. free-to-play whale is contradictory. Gacha is NOT a free-to-play model… wtf? You pay for them. They aren't free.

  6. A real whale is spending $10,000 a month on these games. A baby whale is 1k and the territory of a few hundred is considered just paid to play or just a normal none free to play player.

  7. I know people who've spent 100k$+ on mobile games like afk arena. If anything its about getting your endorphin fix from getting what you want no matter how much money you spend. Its most definitely an addiction.

  8. Before any boot-lickers try and defend, be outraged or try to avert from the reasons that governments are starting to crackdown on the games industry or regulate it, its the PUBLISHERS, their multi-millionaire CEOS and billionaire shareholders that have been ignoring the outrage from gamers for years, those entities are the reasons to blame for bringing this down on themselves.

  9. I think you guys are just ignorant and stupid for saying this guy can’t control himself … he said himself if you can afford it and you have the money to spend then go for it, but if u are in debt and borrowing money to buy this stuff then that is the problem and I responsible. If the guy is super rich and has the money to blow then who gives a rats ass on how much he spends ? Grow up you morons talking about renting prostitutes instead of spending money on a game you are demeaning and disgusting

  10. Game studios would be banned from selling loot boxes to minors under new bill
    I hope this bill passes soon bad

  11. $450 could be chump change depending on how much he makes. So whether or not you think whatever amount is too much is relative only to you and your income, not theirs.

  12. Whales should absolutely confront themselves and seriously ask whether it's worth spending so much money on these kinds of games, but making fun of them for something the uploader clearly doesn't understand and hasn't researched well is not the way to approach these issues. Most whales spend this kind of money because they can do so comfortably, the same way people with large savings or disposable income can buy luxury cars without worrying about it. You can't really make fun of someone for being so rich that they can spend another's yearly income on a game, regardless of how stupid it seems, the same way buying luxury cars is an extremely poor financial decision. Whales (for whom $450 is cute) certainly don't give a shit about someone thinking they have a problem. If the predatory nature of these games and the gambling habits they encourage are the issue, then tackle that. Maybe ask them why these games are so significant that they choose to spend their money here and not on P2W MMOs or CSGO cases or actual casinos. Or look into what exactly defines gambling and how these games are allowed to exist relatively unregulated. Telling somebody who can piss away $450 that they're irresponsible is not very helpful.

  13. Yesterday I took one day break cause I felt like I spent to much on a mobile game and today I saw the South Park episode about mobile games apps and I realized I was caught i spent in total on all the mobile games I have played about 4K real shit like I could have used that money for other stuff and it took watching that specific South Park episode to realize that I need to stop this is an addiction fam and I will never play another mobile game ever again just watch the episode look up South Park mobile app episode on google

  14. "spent hundreds of dollars"
    so I assume that means he hasn't even reached a thousand yet at the time he confessed about whaling despite claiming to whale on multiple gachas at once. If that's the case I wouldn't count that as whaling especially involving gacha games since I've seen much much worse. one game, one sitting, hundreds to thousands of dollars down the drain in a flash. now that is whaling.
    of course they don't just disclose how much they actually spend but if you check the shop prices and calculate how much premium currency they got, especially when they top up just before or in between summon sessions which I've seen plenty of videos of, its easy to sum up how much money the spend on the game.
    "what you are trying to get is not money, but waifu"
    not exactly. I've never whaled on mobile games but as a former whale on a pc mmorpg also with gacha mechanics way over a decade ago, I understand why people do it. spending for a waifu is only but one reason for whaling. a lot of times, people whale in gacha hero collectors because certain units or equipment are just that damn broken especially if they're new which curbstomps endgame content compared to older units but not necessarily their favorite or "waifu". another reason is they're a completionist, they want to collect everything in the game even if that means going bankrupt.

  15. I spend money on ftp games. Especially when I like it. If I spend hours and hours on a game, why not spend my earned money on it? Every month 1000 euros goes to my savings account, with the money I have left I like to have some fun. I don't care about buying clothing, i do like gaming. I spend 100-500 euros every month on gaming

  16. Fgo is just a waifu collector game-

    Side note: As an fgo player, the rates are seriously awful so you practically have to give up a kidney for a 5-star

  17. For 450 bucks I'll rather buy a PS4 and FF7 remake and jerk off to Tifa and Aeris. Or buy an Oculus rift, an Adidas tracksuit and vodka.

  18. Mobage is pronounced mobah-geh, not mobage. It's short for mobairu geemu, or something like that. Same goes for, say, eroge.

  19. Hmmm i played till now 100+ gatcha games only f2p

    But all i can say is this
    If you say spending 450 idk pounds on a game is stupid well lemme say soo
    Hitting on woman with cash is just cowardice act
    It may function but makes ya look bad
    And btw a woman never stayed but the item in game did

    Anyways whaling is something i am not fond of
    My 1st gatcha was "historia" and tbh without paying in it the game was overly challenging
    It was entirely good

    Anyways when i did pay to get an offer in it in that time well felt like a betrayed my own way of struggle to reach the p!ace you want…it wasn't bad tho but did rob me of having fun

    But if ya whale do it idk it is ya choice but only do it when basically you feel DAAAAAUM da need for it

    I sincerely think it ain't a bad act tho
    It mostly is just doing what ya like
    "Don't whale if it is likely to ruin ya"

  20. I’m guessing yall are going to criticize normal people for spending 2K+ on coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol each year when they’re basically addictive substance that offers no tangible benefits besides some bonding over drinks? Pfft, fuck off.

  21. They were WAY too nice about it in this video. Do another video talking about the people who play EVE Online that spend tens of thousands of dollars on the game (literally).

  22. I mean, for the ressponsible part, I think he means being responsible in relation to how much money you make and how much you can spend on ''fun'' things. If he's got the money and thats what he wants to spend it on cause he likes it, why not ? thats not irresponsible if he can while paying rent and food and all the other necessities in life…..

  23. Well by playing fgo for a month now i can definitely say it's very tempting to buy those SQ.
    Man i really wanna buy it but i keep holding myself to be a f2p player but i haven't got even a single ssr even though i got a good headstart 3 sr at tutorial but still no ssr 😢

  24. Honestly, I'm ok with spending 10 dollars a month in a video game, maybe even 20. But 30 or over is way to much.🙄 They obviously work hard in gacha games but I'm not spending 90 dollars on a fictional character that will be out dated in a couple of months.

  25. 2:35
    But real girls age with time, sometimes are unbearable and most of the time are unreasonable.

    Waifu is eternal and is always happy to see you.

    Not to mention a lot cheaper

  26. for online collecting,progression, building and with even built in micro economy games i recommend making 2+ accounts if you plan to invest a huge amount of hours, efforts, immersions, and funds into it and not putting all eggs in one basket because that's what happen to me, all the time i put into that i lost but for 2 accounts at least i have the other half to cherish for.

  27. I suspect that quote about spending smart has more to do with making sure that you are spending what you can afford and not getting yourself into trouble. The wisdom of throwing that kind of cash at a mobile game is questionable, but ultimately, aren't many of the entertainments we spend on equally frivolous to people who aren't into them?
    My biggest gripes about the free to play model is they go very heavy into exploitive tactics that are known to habituate and addict people…many of the games sacrifice being fun to instead be addictive and manipulative. Watching those manipulative tactics creep into paid games makes it even worse; I don't like the way "freemium" has been changing games. Even the mere presence of paid things to make the game easier raise the question of whether they tweaked the game to push you to buy those things.

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