How To Make Full Screen Steam Games Windowed (2016)

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34 thoughts on “How To Make Full Screen Steam Games Windowed (2016)

  1. Great video really helped BUT LITTLE TIP: IF YOU USE "-WINDOWED" INSTEAD OF "-WINDOW" , that works for almost any game

  2. Dude thank you so much, my screen is half broken and I can now move it to the corner that's not a glitchy mess, without this I wouldn't be able to see anything that was happening, thx bro.

  3. just tried this and it worked fine, but now the game window is very small, to the point where the game is unplayable. Any way I can reverse this? I tried just deleting it but that didn't work.

  4. Hey, I’m playing COD: Advanced Warefare. The game pops up like some kind of website tab, help?

    Edit: nvm, it said in settings it was set to “windowed” :b

  5. thank you so much my half life 1 had a bug with the resolution where i put it full screen and its super big and is to the side and i could not change it thank you so much

  6. It didn't work for Cars 2. I tried the same thing you showed but it's still going in full screen and showing the audio but not the game. What else should I do to see the game?

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