How To FIX Mouse Cursor Disappeared on Windows 10 Problem (Keyboard Only Tutorial)

Hi guys. In this video, we will tell you all how to fix the problem that your mouse pointer (mouse cursor) disappears from your computer screen. In this case, your mouse will be working just fine but your mouse pointer (cursor) is just gone and you cannot do anything about it. In that case, its video should help you to fix the problem. It s a very simple, easy, and quick fix. Moreover, it should work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

We hope you like the video and it fixes your problem! In this, we are using Windows 10 but it should work on any windows version.


Thanks for watching it. we will see you all in the next video.
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43 thoughts on “How To FIX Mouse Cursor Disappeared on Windows 10 Problem (Keyboard Only Tutorial)

  1. when i download the mouse and keyboard software, it says that “setup cannot continue because an unexpected error has occurred “ how do i fix?

  2. Window 10 device manager mice and other pointing driver deleted so touchpad not working cursor not show

  3. i formatted ideapad s145-15. suddenly the touchpad stopped responding and after formatting when i opened window, there was no wifi card or adaptor in the dev manager list.

  4. I already uninstall the the mouse drive and my mice file is missing. When i want to try the last option, it had some problem with it. How can i solve this problem? My mice file is missing. Can you figure how can i find it again?

  5. Thank you so much. My laptop got wet in the rain and my mouse pointer had disappeared. But i used this method and it worked. I didn't have disable option. I simply uninstalled and restarted my laptop and it worked. Thank you very much.

  6. Why is this such a Common Problem??? Windows needs to provide access to simple solutions instead of having to search for solutions on the internet that most of the time do not work UHHHH. thank you for the great video. None of the first steps worked so now I am downloading from microsoft.

  7. When I uninstalled the mouse I now don’t even have the option to select it again, so I’m screwed now thanks

  8. Who Ever Is In Control Panel And Can't Go To The Search Bar Without Cursor. Easy You See The Esc Button Up? Look Down You See That. Hope It Helps You 🙂

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