How to fix Invisible cursor while playing full screen games | 3 different methods

I had errors in my computer while i am playing full screen games
my cursuor just go invisible and this really hard to start games
without it. So here i found some best solution must watch.
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25 thoughts on “How to fix Invisible cursor while playing full screen games | 3 different methods

  1. i had the same problem at my league of legends game, i was playing ranked and it was really annoying so i had to sacrifice my LP but anyways TYSM i love you uwu<3

  2. How do I fix my mouse problem?
    In Minecraft I’m having to double or even quadruple click to do what one click should. I can’t drag items.
    The game treats the double click like a single click twice, and the mouse appears during gameplay ( at the same time as the crosshair ).

  3. thanks alot dude ! you fixed my cs go !!! when i lower the resolution the cursor its invisible but you finally made it visible!!! thanks alot you got a new sub!! 😀

  4. My cursor appears on the right side of the screen and i can't click while it's there.. can you maybe help with that?

  5. Some times spamming the windows + L works and also beware of downloading softwares some may alter your settings

  6. omg thanks so much, I had pointer trails on and I couldn't see my cursor in my game you deserve a like and subscribe

  7. I know how to fix invisible cursor bug in roblox(in which u cannot see the cursor but u can click inside the game)
    If any body wants to know how,reply back I will be pleased to help👍👍

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