How I got ALL these GAMES for $2.50 EACH – CRAZY N64 bundle – Behind the Find

Today on Behind the Find
Riff dives into detail about one of his biggest scores of all time while game hunting and filming TheNesPursuit. Let’s take a deeper look at a ton of Nintendo 64 games and even stuff for the Xbox and the Wii. Thank you for joining us on today’s Behind the Find.

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25 thoughts on “How I got ALL these GAMES for $2.50 EACH – CRAZY N64 bundle – Behind the Find

  1. Not as much editing? You included gameplay, You included clips, etc….. This video still had more effort put into it than 90% of the other pick up channels on youtube <3 GREAT video as always dude!! Loved how you showed gameplay of the games, thats always something I love in retro channels.

  2. I grabbed a Duck Dodgers for free-fer-nuthin' — my wife's sister said 'you want our gaming stuff?' — I said, sure — it was box after box of SNES, NES, N64 and Wii/Wii U.

  3. How 2.50 that’s crazzzzzzzyyyyyy Show off your Sega master set. Dive into Pokémon Emerald. Great N64 find I have so much jelly in my bellyyyyyyyy

  4. Got to know about your channel through metaljesusrocks watching first video on your channel and already enjoying so much

  5. You kinda missed the boat on the Pokémon craze dude. Start with red yellow blue and discover how great gold crystal and silver were. After the third generation who cares honestly. Just sell em.

  6. My favorite N64 game was JetForce Gemini back then that was the shooter style game i ever got play cause (parents) but i still love that game even though i dont have it anymore.

  7. No offense but I kinda hate you! Everytime someone finds cheap goods its collectors and then they refilp for a crazy amount.i do resell but at fair fair prices I know the struggle of hunting and finding it cheap well still feeling good about it in the end. Are you gunna ask fair? or hurt the next collector/gamers pocket I'm curious!

  8. For the pokemon games.
    Diamond and black are main series.
    Diamond was extreamly slow id skip it.
    Black was story based and had all new mons for the regions no older ones until post game deffinate try.
    Mystery dungeon will make you cry with its story its totaly differnt style. A dungeon crawler where you become a mon.
    And stadium doesnt hold up except for the mini games which are a hell of alot of fun with 4 people.

  9. The idea of this video is a pretty good one, something you'd kinda find as a bonus feature on a DVD alongside the main program so I dig it. I remember having Sin and Punishment on the Wii Virtual Console which I really did enjoy playing it. That sure was an amazing score you got so gg dude

    Edit: I remember the Faceless Games show you guys did on RetroLiberty and was happy that you got copies now with actual labels. So jelly on the lenticular Majora's Mask cart

  10. I think your manual pricing was mostly accurate except for a couple. It's hard finding buyers that want all these, and if they aren't mint it lowers value. Maybe a store can get those higher prices, but most regular sellers can't. Tom and Jerry, and Duck Dodgers are definitely the more rare ones. Too bad no box for Tom and Jerry or you would have had an awesome score.

  11. Love the show that is quite a haul! Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting creative on how to find deals like this they do still exist. I have been finding that calling ahead to estate sales can definitely pay off instead of going in cold. I recently contacted a woman that was doing a foreclosure estate sale and mentioned her boyfriend was a hoarder of games and basically told me I could go through the basement and pick the bones of what was left. I ended up finding about 15 boxed uncommon genesis games including a Megadrive game called master of weapon. I also came across in box jaguar games and the crowning jewel of this pick up was a virtual boy inside a blockbuster rental case. It renewed my hope that I would not have to pay top dollar to bolster my collection. Keep the videos coming Riff!

  12. Pokémon Stadium 2's highlights might be that it still has the Pokémon Tower that like the first game allows you to play the normal games with a Transfer Pak as well as the Mini Games. I often just played the Mini Games.

  13. That was a enviable haul Riff, the N64 and it's games are becoming more and more rare and expensive by the day

  14. Man that store you went to and swindled their deal from must have been pissed! Congrats though… don't let the man get you down!

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