Guilty Crown – βίος / Bios (Rearranged Medley)

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I was sorely disappointed with the original version considering how much I liked the song when it made it debut in one of the episodes. So I decided to make my own mix that suites my taste. *I simply picked three songs and re-arranged the parts to make one ‘super-track’

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29 thoughts on “Guilty Crown – βίος / Bios (Rearranged Medley)

  1. I'll be honest, I do not have fond memories of guilty crown, the story seemed a bit messy, Shu was a pretty good character but a lot of the cast just seemed generic and boring, and when the did develop it was strange and almost out of nowhere. The ending was a total clusterfuck as well, but I will stand by this show having one if the greatest soundtracks of any anime period. Op's were amazing, ED's were great, but man the OST's are fucking beautiful.

  2. After hearing this song, even though the world comes to be at peace, how does Shu live without Hare and Inori…The best plot story I ever witness…

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