Game Maker: Studio/8 – 3D Horror Games I Made That I Never Finished

These are some 3D horror games I made over the last 4 years or so using Game Maker: Studio and Game Maker 8!
I hope you’ll enjoy them. Happy Halloween!

00:09 – Concealed (2012) (Game Maker 8)
03:15 – DEBOOT (2016) (Game Maker: Studio)
04:49 – ZX1 C64 (2016) (Game Maker: Studio)
06:58 – Riverhouse (2016) (Game Maker: Studio)
08:46 – Perplexed (2015/2016) (Game Maker: Studio)
11:43 – Mirage (2014) (Game Maker: Studio)

I know Concealed looks pretty bad, but I was like 14 when I made it, so please cut me some slack 🙂 I would also like to point out that I made the looping hallway in Concealed before PT was released, so it’s not yet another PT clone.

I also made a game called Silence which I released on YoYoGames back in 2008. It’s a shame it’s gone, but it’s still an honourable mention in my opinion.

Stay safe when tricking and/or treating!


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25 thoughts on “Game Maker: Studio/8 – 3D Horror Games I Made That I Never Finished

  1. Its a shame you don't release the project files and assets for some of these. Really hurts the limited ps1 developer crowd such as myself.

  2. I really liked the atmosphere of the last one! Great visual and sound design! Just wish I could see more of it.

  3. Dude, I would love to play some of these. Perplexed looked like a very interesting detective type game.

  4. these are fucking fantastic man. you really have a great sense of tone and style. You hit the mark on that Japanese game even down to the font choice.
    please finish some of these!

  5. I thought it was impossible to achieve such a detailed level of shaders and postprocessing effects with GameMaker. Amazing work

    I really want to see Riverhouse, Perplexed and Mirage finished, I surely would buy them

  6. How on earth do you make stuff like this in a engine that supports 2D mostly?? You're amazing, you know that?

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