Game Maker: Studio 1.4 – 3D Horror First Person Shooter

Hey there guys,

This is a small game I made a few months ago called Flooded Underground. Basically what happened was that the world was taken over by strange creatures that forced humans to spend the rest of their lives underground.

Models are all made by me in Blender. Music is also composed by me.

xygthop3 provided the Brightness/Contrast shader that I used. Check him out as well!

It is an atmospheric first person shooter. Ammo is extremely rare and enemies don’t die easily.

The game is buggy, low-res and unoptimized at this point. I currently own nothing but a low-spec laptop to record and develop these games on so no 60 fps here unfortunately.

I recently found my old Packard Bell EasyNote laptop back from like 2006 – 2007 or something like that, with my first Game Maker games ever developed on it. These must be like 10-12 years old by now. When I get a new charger for it, I might just record some of them!

Thanks for watching!
I know this video is extremely short, but I just wanted to have something up for now.


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36 thoughts on “Game Maker: Studio 1.4 – 3D Horror First Person Shooter

  1. Stunning. How do you achieve that quality, with those detailed environments with a lot of triangles, vertices everywhere, even with lighting? When I do my 3D stuff in GMS 1.4, even drawing only 4-verticed-planes no lighting and trying efficiency techniques, the fps drops a lot after some of them are drawn… and my PC is medium, can support PS3-style games with good performance if I low the graphics. Do u use any secret technique or external stuff?

  2. Did you use Gamemaker's lighting system, or your own? It's spectacular looking. Please make a tutorial on realistic lighting like this!

  3. This game is not made by game maker becouse if it's make by gm that make like 90s fps games this game maybe it's made by unity or unreal engine

  4. I can't even begin to describe how much I want this as it's own full fledged horror game. You're not just a master of GameMaker Studio, you're also genuinely amazing at making legitimately scary games.

  5. GM:S ? This is VERY impressive! Seeing as how 3d support has very little support with that engine… I know a lot of coding work went into this. I need to do so research on how to use Blender.

  6. F*** Unity, Unreal or any other engine. GameMaker and Blender is everything I need to make a realistic 3D game.

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