FREE SCENE MAKER – Make Custom Intro, Outro, and BRB Scenes for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and More!


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No Photoshop, GIMP, or other image editing software needed! Make your own Intro, BRB, Outro, or any other scene that you need, with full customization, for your stream! This includes built in animations for your social media networks and schedule! It also has a built in countdown with messages you can change. You’ll be able to swap out the colors, background images or video, text, and much more. Get started now, for free!

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41 thoughts on “FREE SCENE MAKER – Make Custom Intro, Outro, and BRB Scenes for Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and More!

  1. We tried to do as much testing as possible, so if there's any problems, please reply to this comment, and I''ll get them worked out as quickly as possible. <3

  2. is there not a way to have more than one setting saved, such as for a pre-stream page and a break page for mid streaming?

  3. hello,this is a great scene maker and i've been using it since the day you posted this video but i always wondered how did u make the socials part and if u could make a separate one to use as an overlay or the basic scene to use as a active overlay while playing thanks!

  4. When transitioning to this scene from another, the scene from the scene maker initially starts as the default and then within miliseconds switches to the created scene. The white logo in the default scene is extremely noticeable when the scene flicks to the default at the beginning of the change, so I'm hoping there's some way to fix this. Thanks.

  5. This is amazing! I can't believe this is free! Your explanation of how everything works was extremely thorough and simple to follow. Thanks!

  6. I love the video and I followed every step, unfortunately when grab and put it into obs it shows a blank screen

  7. Got my Starting Soon scene working perfectly! Thank you for this! But now I've got a question….. I want to use the exact same template I used (including custom video and logo and settings changes) also for my BRB and Ending scenes. How would I go about doing that without having to redo my settings every single time?

  8. Can you make me a Overlay for Youtube and the Scenes Stream is offline and be right back and Stream is Starting? other so

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