Fix "Mouse Cursor Disappeared" in Windows

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The mouse pointer can disappear in Windown 10 most likely because of the mouse drivers, or even because of some key combinations that you pressed recently. You either update or rollback the mouse drivers, or you can try to use some key combinations that will restore your mouse pointer back. All these solutions are explained in this video or in the article from the website.

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22 thoughts on “Fix "Mouse Cursor Disappeared" in Windows

  1. Just mash all your buttons on your keyboard while raging saying “wtf is going on where’s my fucking mouse” until it pops up trust me it worked for me (I’m serious that really worked)

  2. I spent over an hour finding a solution only to find I pressed a key on my keyboard which disabled the mouse -_-

  3. HP laptop. If there is a yellow light in top left of mousepad , and your pointer is missing. Double top the area of mousepad where light is lit. Fixed. You can turn mouse pad on and off according to preference.

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