Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Post Game Analysis

So, Final Fantasy X is over. I wanted to take some time to talk about the story, the characters and the game in general, so I recorded some of my stat maxing preparations and rambled on a bit about the game, and why I like it so much. Hope you enjoy.

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29 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Post Game Analysis

  1. The thing is, I'm not sure Lulu, Wakka or Kimahri would have become the Final Aeon if they reached Zanarkand without Tidus, Auron and Rikku. Seymour would have probably married Yuna, who would have just accepted what had happened blindly, as she wouldn't have had other points of view to convince her it was a bad idea. He would have become Sin, and even without being influenced, he would have carried on his endless killing spree until all of Spira was destroyed. The cycle would have ended in a very different way.

  2. And about the "If Yu Yevon is neutral and Jecht is good, why is Sin bad?" question. Sin is violent by nature, so there doesn't have to be a reason. If you turned into a tiger, you wouldn't have a reason not to eat your friends when you get hungry. You might have your memories, but you wouldn't understand them.
    With Sin it's more complicated of course, but that's the general idea. Jecht just doesn't have much control over Sin.

  3. I wish I knew earlier that Wakka was voiced by the same actor as Bender. In Czech, Bender voice actor is also the voice of House M.D. and Arthas from W3.

  4. The question of Sin's aggression has come up a couple of times, so for those still interested in reading, I'd like to pose a question: Is Sin actually aggressive and malicious? Sin destroys, yes, but is it actually deliberately attacking people and places, or is it just… being Sin?

    Much of the time what we see are places being destroyed, more or less simply by Sin being present; massive gravity wells and indiscriminate energy fields, for the most part. Arguably, these aren't really Sin being violent or aggressive though – the only time we could say that we really saw it Attack something, was that time towards the end, where it carved out huge masses of land and split the seas. Compared to that, everything we see before then isn't really 'attacking' per se. It's just Sin being present, and at worst responding to things attacking it.

    First and foremost, Sin is a shell – a body intended to protect what's in its core. It's more like an automated defence ship than a monster, in that sense. It's drawn to sin spawn and large collections of fiends, to help supplement its energy, and one can guess that large groups of people often begin to feel similar to it as well, maybe. Other than that, it crossing the paths of settlements seems largely by chance as it roams Spira's oceans. Home was never attacked by Sin, after all, and it was a long way in-land.

    I honestly feel like it has a reputation for being a violent aggressive incarnation of death and destruction because of the results of what it does, but in reality, Sin itself cannot truly be prescribed any actual malice or wrath… I think that it is perhaps because Sin itself has no overt emotive personality that the Fayth that is forged into the new Sin can, for a time, exert something of themselves on its behaviour, becalming its simplistic instincts in most cases… or perhaps, if they are particularly angered at what they have become and what has happened to them, pushing Sin to take out their wrath on things… It fades as they lose themselves, of course…

    In other news… My Oc twitches as I watch Rythian fill out sections of empty notes hither and thither, but still ignoring abilities, hehe. You need about 63 luck spheres, and generally no more than 30 or 40 of the other core stat ones, to max everything; for efficiency its best to wipe clean all the nodes that aren't already maximum ones. Keep track as you do it though – replace as you work, otherwise you'll risk leaving yourself with a party temporarily much weaker than it was. If you've got the neatness bug like I do, you might find it tempting to set up 'sections' of the sphere grid, and even wipe away max nodes that aren't in the 'proper' place. Thus you end up with a grid that has all the strength over here, all the magic defence here, all the magic in this section, all the luck in that section, etc., with the only things standing outside of that being the immovable abilities themselves… doing that is a LOT of extra work just for the sake of making your sphere grid pretty, however, and my partners have called me crazy for doing it. It's one of the things that makes the game beautiful in my opinion though… this is the core of your characters' power. It's your level up system and it's how you get stronger… and you are ultimately allowed such absolute and complete control over redesigning and reconfiguring it to your tastes.

    For the record, when you're fighting things that can benefit from an armour break, but you haven't done luck yet, or they're a it resistant to it (you may have noted Juggernaught, in this video, being resistant to the break), using a frag grenade as your first action works much better – frag grenades have a 100% affliction rate for their armour break, so it means you can reliably knock him down in the same number of hits each time.

    Looking forward to videos showcasing the Dark Aeons and hopefully the temple-visit cutscenes behind many of them too, Rythian! Don't worry if it takes a while before we see them, though, no rush, hehe!


  5. Thanks for this series Rythian! The time and attention to detail you put into this and other series is appreciated. When FFX originally came out when it did I was too busy being a dad and was unable to put time into this. It was great to see the story and what its all about. Thank you again!

  6. If you ever end up doing x2 or the other fantasy games that'd be neat. For now though, great videos, I enjoyed seeing you go through them greatly. 

  7. Wow that was long… Just finished watching all of these video over 2 days straight… The last time I played FFX I did 100% play through with a strategy guide… Funny thing is, the first time I played on a Final Fantasy game was on FFX and I killed Sin in my vary first battle. not many people can claim that lol… If you can't guess how I did it well, I summoned my buddy Jimbo! (Jojimbo) and Zanmato Sliced Sin's face open! It was on my friends save so he was so… ether pissed or grateful, I don't know… I spent all his Zen on one attack lol. He was so underpowered at that point he couldn't do it!

    Anyway. Great series Rythian vary nostalgic for me, my favorite Final Fantasy game is FF10. Also… Was kinda hoping you was going to play X2 since I never completed or got that far into that one… oh well. I wouldn't play it ether. 😉

  8. I think Kimahri should have had his Ronso Rages be an inherent skill to give him more of a niche and be a true Blue Mage. His Overdrive then being 'suped-up' versions

  9. As far as best final fantasies go, having played all of the numbered titles 1-14, I have to say my favorite has to be XII. I love the large, open feeling world, intricate dungeons, and strategic battle set-up thanks to the gambit system. I know some people dislike the battle system because it can take your hands off the battling for some monsters, but since I love grinding for levels, its great being able to just walk around and destroy monsters. There is still the ability to control characters actions when needed, so it feels like a nice balance between the complete control in older games and the one character control in XIII and the MMOs. I also love that the story is more political rather than "save the world," but I also recognize that style is not for everyone. The license board is fantastic as a way to get abilities, since it is open and any character can fill any niche. Finally, Balthier is the best character in any final fantasy, at least to me.

    X is definitely a very fun final fantasy, and I found it to be very engaging, and this series was a great way to relive those memories. I love the sphere grid and variety of play styles it allows one to pursue. When I played the first time, I almost never used Wakka and Rikku, so seeing how they are meant to be used was a pleasant treat. I certainly do not contest any of the points about X's quality raised in the video, I just find that I enjoy XII more.

  10. The one big plot whole that I've noticed is that Jecht and Tidus are both products of the Fayth, effectively Aeons. Why was it that Jecht had to undergo the Final Aeon transformation for Yu Yevon to take him over? Also why couldn't Yu Yevon take over Tidus in the final battle before or after the player culls Yuna's Aeons?

  11. I thought when Tidus went "AYE" when he said the "Macarena" Forest, it was a reference to the song/dance the Macarena.

  12. I hoped that you would Upload more FF X soon. Personally, i haven´t played any FF games yet (I know, hate me if you want) but i really enjoyed watching you play it. Thank you for that! By the Way, i noticed that you´re going to do Dishonored 2. Are you going to Upload that every Day too? Maybe you allready know.

  13. You know, with the conditions on the Final Aeon, what would have happened if Yunalesca was chosen as the Final Aeon? I mean, she's close to the Summoner. It'd work.

  14. What kind of person looks at the "#66" in the title and think "Imma watch this video without seeing the rest. I'm sure I'm not missing anything."?

  15. I personally would find it weird if you did end up going back to Tidus' Zanarkand. I always thought it was symbolic of Tidus' innocence and carefreeness – something that he wanted to show to duty-bound Yuna but in the end couldn't.

  16. I think if they made kimahri's regular attack go off magic instead of strength, but make his magic stat slightly weaker than the others so he's no too op. Cause then he'd be more Jack off all trades-y because you could use black magic etc to get him others abilities so he could actually do everything with only being slightly worse than the others whilst also not being entirely focused on one path

  17. Was there another Tidus and Jet in the old Zanarkind. Tidus' mother was in the farplane but but was that his real mother and the real Jet and Tidus not accept death or what all that about?

  18. Heres my 2 cents on this game. I really, really hate the fact that this game is given so much praise, when frankly ff13 is given so much flak for the same issues. FFX is a corridor, has horrible voice acting, some cliche characters and the easiest battle system in the world. I dont think either game is bad, but it really annoys me when you hear such hypocritical praise when you can even see the same character tropes appearing with certain characters. Wakka and sazh the funny old dudes, tidus and hope the coming of age cry babies who start to be strong later. Yuna and vanille, the happy go lucky girls with the weight of the world on their shoulders. One day maybe ill get over my prejudice, however until that day ill only see this game as one of the average final fantasies, paling in comparison to 8 or 9.

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