Final Fantasy X Endgame Walkthrough – Episode 1!

Hello all, and welcome to the continuation of my Final Fantasy X Overpowered guide!  This is start of the post game portion of Final Fantasy X, which I love.


I’ve recently seen a lot of people playing the Final Fantasy X Remastered release on Xbox One, and there are many people who play it without knowing the best techniques for efficiently grinding the end-game and getting the Dark Aeons and Penance.

Not only that, but it’s a very fun game to be overpowered in, which is something I love doing in games.

In this episode we start the endgame grind and get Anima!  She’s really powerful and I love using her. You can then beat Belgemine and get the Magus Sisters, who are extremely strong, if a little mercurial.

You can also get a No Encounters weapon from Geosgaeno.  If you’re struggling to beat him, use Mix with 2x Wings to Discovery which will make Trio of 9999 and make all hits do 9999 damage. Then just use Attack Reels, Slice N Dice or a Fire Gem to kill Geosgaeno in 1 turn.

After this we’re going to start capturing and the endgame grind!  You can go straight onto Sin if you actually want the last few story bosses to be a challenge, but I’ll not be bothering with that because I’m just going to straight into the capturing phase and get the Celestial weapons!

For this playthrough, I will be doing some videos of things to watch out for along the way.  This focuses on 3 early-game grinds to get way ahead on some skills and have a blast wrecking everything in your path!  It also involves a fair bit of Blitzball in Luca, but that bit is sort of optional. This playthrough will be a Standard Grid playthrough because it lets you use Break HP Limit more effectively if that’s the route you choose to go down.  The Expert Grid has its own advantages, but isn’t good for BHPL enthusiasts.

The key points of the endgame grind are:

Capture 10 of all monsters (see my capturing video series!)
Get strong enough to beat One Eye
Farm One Eye for Triple AP + 2 free slot weapons for your main characters
Customize Overdrive to AP and Triple Overdrive on those weapons
Level up using the Don Tonberry trick to get S-levels
Raise stats and until you can beat Juggernaut
Max Strength, then other stats.
Raise Luck to an appropriate level.
Beat the Dark Aeons and Penance.

I hope you enjoy this new series! Please like, comment and subscribe for more videos!


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8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X Endgame Walkthrough – Episode 1!

  1. Hey Phoenix! Love the guide so far. Quick question…you stated customizing ribbon to riku’s armor would be best but then bought the armor for Tidus while doing so. You think rikku or tidus is best?

  2. I'm playing the debug demo version and caladbolg is called 'ultima weapon' and break hp/damage limit are mega hp and mega damage

  3. Is there a part 2 to the endgame walk through? Been watching your video so much almost feel lost without them haha

  4. I talked to oakka's brother on gagazet but he is not on the forest…
    I'm looking around for him, I'm not sure if I need to start his part of sidequests or not

  5. hey man nice video but the game audio is much louder than ur voice so its kinda hard to understand what u r saying

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