Final Fantasy X Endgame Considerations Discussion

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly different Final Fantasy X video.

This is designed to bridge the gap between my Overpowered walkthrough for the story sections and the endgame portions of the game where you start capturing and then stat maxing.

For a full description of what I discuss here, please see this accompanying Reddit post where I cover the decisions that think are important and must be considered before you start stat-maxing and capturing.

I hope that you find this useful! Please like, comment and subscribe for the endgame part of my walkthrough, which I think had some very good tips to speed up capturing 10 of every creatures, and will show the most efficient methods of stat-maxing in Final Fantasy X!


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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy X Endgame Considerations Discussion

  1. Ahhh , that chocobo rum turned my hair white 😂. I spent 7 hrs in a row playing it over and over until I finally got it.

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