FIFA Mobile 20 Icons Event Walkthrough and Tips and Tricks!

The icon event is here in FIFA Mobile, and we break down the cards, the costs, and everything you need to know for the latest event in FIFA Mobile!

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34 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile 20 Icons Event Walkthrough and Tips and Tricks!

  1. Wait to do the SBCs. When the market settles prices will even out and they will be easier to complete! Use now as a time to snipe players from the market and make some coins! Remember we got almost 10 million from Bundesliga Rivals, and when these players release a lot of new high OVR players will flood the market! It is a long time event so be patient!

  2. I don’t get why anyone would want to trade 11 icons for one prime. Whole icon team vs. one prime icon is no competition

  3. Will they change the prime icons next week from Nesta to whomever else? Debating whether to grab Eusebio tomorrow or, instead, a bunch of icons to do the SBC for a prime ..

  4. plz answer i have 600 icon points which i did not spend yet if do not spend will they carry over so that i can use it for next month????

  5. bro suppose if i play icon event and win icon points and aspect will be untill end of icon event or it will ruin by this month

  6. Hi stopde.. I know yu will be upto NESTA.. Please post a review for klose 6ft power header above 100 heading and jumping.. Thanks in advance

  7. So much money real money to win this event. Nope sorry, i don’t spend real money on a game that I get for free. Screw it I’ll pass on this event.

  8. I used my main team of ovr 105 … disappeared, after the end of the event will I get them back? or let me play

  9. The icons event is no different from the other dustbin trashes like Colosseum,Gmr,DERBY,Patrick's Day,I really don't get it why EA made it an SBC…cuz we already have an SBC….they could have made it something in which we could have played campaign matches or completed Skill games …..and Plz EA … more trash events

  10. I have 102 overall and 140 chemistry, I’m looking to join an active league. Anyone looking for members? – Serious players only.

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