Ep. 127: Showdown Yahtzee Board Game Review (Milton Bradley 1991)

A review on how to play the board game Showdown Yahtzee From Milton Bradley.

Yahtzee meets a board game. Players move pawns around a board with 12 open spaces and 4 ‘wild’ spaces. If you land on an open space, you can try to complete one of the 12 standard Yahtzee combinations (not counting the ‘Yahtzee’ — more on that later). If successful, you place the card for that combination on the space and a certain number of your chips to signify ownership. If another player lands on that space later, they have to match or beat your roll to steal ownership of the board space. Once a combination has been assigned to a space, it stays there — so the number of combinations available to fill a blank space on the board decreases throughout the game. If a player lands on a ‘Wild’ space, they can try for any combination, then move their piece to the appropriate space and steal ownership. Also, if a player gets a Yahtzee, they can ignore the space they’re on and claim ownership of any space on the board. Once all combinations have been claimed, each player gets one more turn in which they’re allowed to keep playing as long as they keep stealing ownership of a card. Whoever has the most chips on the board at the end of the game wins. A very interesting twist on the classic Yahtzee mechanism. Subscribe to keep up with all the latest reviews and game hunts! #boardgame #ads #ads

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15 thoughts on “Ep. 127: Showdown Yahtzee Board Game Review (Milton Bradley 1991)

  1. I love this game. In fact I just created a mod for it on Tabletop Simulator. And BTW, NEVER go for "Four of a Kind" unless that particular individual dice card is already taken. Making a player try to roll four "Aces" in order to steal the card is much harder than them trying to roll 4 of anything. Just a little strategy tip.

  2. I just picked this game up at Goodwill. It looks like it would be fun if you put regular playing cards behind each space, enough for 52 cards, then when you land on the space you have a choice of going for the top card, take it and try to get a good poker hand, or maybe try to get blackjack. Do you think that would work?

  3. Ya man I will 😄 I am actually. I learned it and I played it with family tonight. I didn't win. 😑😔😄😄 Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your help time support and advice on how to play challenge Yatzee and showdown Yatzee. I understand how to play now. My friend showed me how to play poker today and he told me that he actually has those Yatzee games you reviewed. He likes your show too☺️😃 Thanks Norman. Have a great day. Yerdabest!😄😉☺️

  5. Many thanks for this review! My girlfriend said she really likes Yahtzee, so when I came across a still factory sealed copy of Showdown Yathzee a week ago, I picked it up. Haven't tried it yet or even read the rules, but based on your review, it looks like a winner that we will both like. We took Casino Yahtzee camping with us this weekend, another game I picked up recently, and we both liked it.

  6. Did you get some rules wrong? i watched the first vid and then it was gone lol

    I like the looks of this game. Great deal it had all the pieces except for the dice cup but you don't need that. Good you added a synopsis in the description. It did make more sense after I watched the whole vid.

    I browsed the numerous Yahtzee variation on BGG. this looks like one of the better ones. I combines a board game with modular cards ala Bonkers pawns and dice. Good looking game. Nice combo.

    Coincidentally I just picked up BANG! the dice Game which uses re-rolls like the Yahtzee mechanic. I'll put vids up of my variations in the future. I like to house rule lol

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