Eco Game: How to build your walls and roof SIMPLE

Hey guys, so in Eco the game, i was having issues completing the tutorial because i couldn’t properly build a house. So i decided to make this tutorial on how to make walls and roof in the game. I hope this helps! Let me know if you’d like help with anything else in the game!
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22 thoughts on “Eco Game: How to build your walls and roof SIMPLE

  1. I made a shit load of those logs and started to place them up eachother… Took me alot of blogs.. Sooo… Alot for small house… Witht his amount i can make a fkng castel now i know this lmao

  2. This game is surprisingly addicting lol. I played the heck out of Minecraft but bought this game for shits and giggles. I’m addicted now

  3. Come here thinking how to build houses with the thin walls! like everyone else… I feel stupid now :p

  4. i didnt know that u have to have you hammer equipped, so i wondered why i sometimes have those wall-parts and other times i have those logs in my hand. Yes i learned something

  5. Just the fact I had to youtube this, says they made this solution really bad. But thank you so much 🙂 im gonna proceed now

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