Dreamland Walkthrough [8] Secret Attic (Extended Edition)

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You finally break the curse and save your brother – but it’s not the end. In the Secret Attic of the shooting gallery, you discover that there are many more secrets hidden around the Dreamland…

Marble (All found):
17. Moon Rocket (03:10, *Note)

*Note: You must get this marble BEFORE you insert the rune, otherwise it will become inaccessible

Items found:
– Rune (House of Horrors)
– Wheel (Moon Rocket)
– Bat, Book of Magic (Clown’s Dressing Room)
– Round Key (Merry-Go-Round)
– Bunch of Flowers, Star Key (Magician’s Dressing Room)
– Cemetery Key (Circus Ring)
– Dove, Ladder (Cemetery)
– Part of a Chart x6 (Secret Attic of Shooting Gallery)

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