Dreamland Walkthrough [1] Invitation to Dreamland (Extended Edition)

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To cure your brother’s mysterious illness, you decide to accept the invitation to the amusement park “Dreamland”. Soon, you discover that the park is controlled by the evil dwarf who challenges you with various tasks…

In this walkthrough, I’ll show all the locations of Starfish & Jimmy’s Marbles (there are 20 Starfish and 17 Marbles in total).

1. Entrance (03:00)
2. On the map board (06:00)
3. Wheel of Fortune (07:54)
4. Path (10:30)

Items found:
1. Ticket (Automatic)
2. Red Clown Nose (Ticket Booth)
3. Pieces of Wood (Central Square)
4. Map (Central Square)
5. Coin (Popcorn Stand)
6. Ticket (Wheel of Fortune)
7. Pieces of Wood x2 (Path)
8. Pieces of Wood x2 (House of Horrors)
9. Wing (House of Horrors)
10. Rusy Scythe (Ticket Booth)
11. Skull (Popcorn Stand)
12. Twirls x3 (House of Horrors)

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4 thoughts on “Dreamland Walkthrough [1] Invitation to Dreamland (Extended Edition)

  1. You've got NO idea how long I've been looking for this walktrough! Finnally!!! I only saw "Kerby's Dreamland", but not the one I wanted. Aleluia!!!

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