DIY Paracord Small Game Carrier

Full length version, step by step tutorial of how I make a Paracord small game hauler. This carrier takes but a few minutes to make and is great for rabbit, squirrel and small game birds and small waterfowl.

Here are the links to the Paracord and other tools I use:
Camo paracord: (Love Paracord Planet Paracord)
Orange paracord:
550 Paracord: (one of the best bundles of camo)
White 550 Paracord:
Camo 550 Paracord:
Hemostat set:
Knitting needles: Seriously just by from a resale store
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Equipment I use to Make my Videos:
Nikon Camera: (I use the D3200 but this is the newest model)
Tacstar Mic:
Extra Batteries:
Extra Batteries: (yes I have the original because they seem to work best)
Phone: (does some Pretty cool effects and great “extra” camera)
Tripod: (closest still available)
Bar Clamp:
Micro SD Cards: (32GB), (64GB)


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