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Description: Diamond Rush:

Grab the diamonds and take to your heels! An uneasy adventure is in prospect for you: Tibetan stalactites falling from above, thick Angora forests, poisonous spiders of Bavarian castle and other vicissitudes of life will accompany your every step. To survive and enrich yourself you will need to have not only a lightning-like speed and craftiness. Intuition and mind will prove to be not out of place while solving numerous puzzles and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Colossal cobble-stones and poisonous snakes of Angora, dangerous spiders and no less dangerous knights of Bavarian castle, snows and ices of mysterious caves of Tibet with prehistoric apes are on one scale. Diamonds of fabulous cost and chests with treasures are on the other. There exist also some useful things, such as compass pointing the way; the hammer, killing the enemies; and a hook, grasping remote objects. But the dazzling glitter of precious stones attracts and promises lots of luxury and risk. You will surely complete all the 40 levels of the risky adventure and solve more than 200 puzzles. You will surely lay hands on all the precious things that are securely concealed in different parts of the world!


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40 thoughts on “Diamond Rush In Android by Tech Shakib

  1. Thanks alot brother,
    I used to play this game when I was 7 now I am 16 and I am really glad to see it back…

  2. Diamond rush is my favorite game when I was only a shit kid, I only have keypad phones , and always play diamond rush on it 🙂

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