Developing Horror Games – What Not To Do – 1

In Part 1 of my “What not to do” when developing horror, we discuss the important features you want to add and remove when trying to make an enjoayble experience for you and players alike! Nothing worse than being frustrated by something that you could have easily fixed.

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44 thoughts on “Developing Horror Games – What Not To Do – 1

  1. I feel like giving the player false sense of security is what makes a horror game so perfect. Example, start of with bright lights, bold and happy colours, but as you go on give small hints that something is wrong. Since your game will be labelled as horror, it will give the player the feeling that something is wrong, that something is going to jump at them. Once they realise that there is nothing wrong (yet) thats when its the best time to convert to that horror feeling. This is just my opinion ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  2. Hello everyone,
    This is not about the video this person made…
    I am looking for a really good Horror Game maker. I comment on random videos to see if I have luck.
    I had a really crazy dream. I wasn't in the horror game… I was watching someone play that horror game on Youtube in my dream. I won't say more details about that Horror dream. But I thought it was really good.
    So if anyone knows someone who can make horror games, can you please comment their Youtube channel name/ Email address/ whatever they have down there?
    Thank you so much!❤

  3. I would honestly wouldnt rely on too much darkness or jumpscares to make my horror game stand out.
    Then again, suspense aside, my game wouldnt exactly be scary if I completely ignored them.
    What I would make…is a story a bit similar to the Crooked Man with a protagonist that has a very rough life and whose situation goes from bad to worse.
    Add a bit of Silent Hill-inspired psychological horror, an unexpected yet fitting ending, good level design and carefully implemented scripted events and…you'll probably get a decent little horror game.

  4. so some games do not go scary cause of the lack of at least 2% of intensity games with an amount of intensity and fun is great for gameplay.

  5. I started working on a game and I want to base it on WW1. Since the setting is great for tension and uneasiness. I guess I could cut the player off from everyone else in the beginning and ship them off with no sense of objective, just try to find something to do. Find friendlies? Try and kill people? Idk just walk and wait and try not to mind the dead bodies you step on.

  6. Sound design is key. The one thing every scary game has in common is good sound. Good sound can compensate for poor visuals, but great visuals can't compensate for poor sound

  7. Thank you for this! This was really helpful! I'm new to making games, and this was helpful. Thanks again! (✿◡‿◡)

  8. From my pov of playing horror games i always heard creepy music which is the best audio to make the game not looking like silent horror film…piano,creepy orchestral,incoming horror instrument…

  9. I will say there are lots of horror games where voice acting is not a strong point. Resident evil and silent hill, and cry of fear come to mind. Cry of fear is still one of the best horror games I've ever played.

  10. As an artist interested in drawing gorey/uneasy feeling stuff, heres what I've picked up on.

    Loud noises scare the SH@T out of people, but get old easily. Use loud noises sparingly.

    If things look too flat or clean, it can be almost too nice looking. Real houses (abandoned places especcially) aren't that neat and proper, usually. Unless you're going for that "too clean" look.

    Both footsteps in look and noise are not all the same.

    Paranormal can be scary, but real killers and real mentally f#cked people are scarier. Take "Night shift/Stay out of the house" by Puppet Combo for example. You can't just rely on "oo spooky scary help me note!!" You actually need to show a character chopping some stuff up mercilessly.

    Teeth. For some reason, teeth are very scary to people. It's probably from the fear of someone showing their teeth to you due to agression (think of dogs or horses showing their teeth when upset)

    Eyes. Most people don't like being stared at.

  11. What about not making the entire game happen insight a house, something humans find comforting and familiar?

  12. Crying baby sounds and a little girl as enemy or voice coming out of nowhere always make for a good horror game.

  13. Well it honestly depends what game you are going for there is one that you can’t see in at all yet pulls off a horrifying experience in sound and fnaf you cannot move but it bases itself off jump scares.

  14. Ut the scary bit at the end. Build tension during the game so that when players jump, they jump high

  15. For the foot step sound, to make it have variety all you need is to randomize the pitch a little bit every time. Each footstep will sound different.
    Apply that same random pitch function to all your different footstep sounds

  16. Having a sprint function in a horror game always makes me uneasy because that means I'm gonna have to run from something at some point

  17. yes Im not going to do what most mediocre people will do with there games, most people will get ideas off of PT, or Allison road, but my ideas are coming straight from the source 90s horror games. I plan on locking my game 30fps for a classic feeling, but most people will judge the small footage I have of my game on my channel, but its not going to be anything what they or think it will be. the game im creating is purely based upon stories from the dark web! but worse, my game will either send the player to heaven or hell simple as that. great video boss youd pin this if you were humble!

  18. Honestly a lot of stuff was mentioned in the video, but one of the most important parts was glossed over I think – tension. Fear is subjective, tension is objective. The scary monster? Maybe it scares you maybe not. The way people can't ever get their keys and get the door unlocked while the whatever is storming toward them? That's tension. Base your horror game on tension and it will work, but be careful, you have to give people a break from tension, you can't go full bore all the time otherwise it's exhausting. The Tyrant from the RE2 Remake is a great example. He isn't really that scary to look at, but he makes a ton of noise, explores all over the police station looking for you, pops out at the most inconvenient times, and is unkillable.

    I've seen a game make a cartoon Santa Claus terrifying. All it took was a little music, lighting change, and an unkillable Santa Claus that is slightly slower/faster than the player and can kill them in 1 hit.

  19. I mAde A sUpEr sCaRy .exe gAmE LiAsElDiMtIaReLxD

    .exe games are often very disappointing and annoying.

  20. Don't only use jumpscares to be scary. Use creepy sounds odd walls and floors for general atmosphere. Once you have the basic room and sounds, add in enemy's or something disturbing, like a dead corpse hanging, or something, That way the player is already creeped out and worried, you can jumpscare them for the scare to be more affective.

  21. Had anyone tried alien blackout 🤔 that game gives you a lot of fear!

  22. Visage: Lily's Chapter is a really good example of a good horror game, less jump scare, more build up, so much build up that that is what scares the hell out of you

  23. Awesome video mate! What's your horror game? I'd love to play it and record it for my channel 🙂

  24. I love how in Alien:Isolation the flamethrower doesn't have a bunch of ammo so it isn't just a crutch for people,but I'm also glad it is still useful.

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