CC64 playing "Neptune's Daughters" (1983). Game #113.

A giant sea snake is hungry for crabs. The crabs are well within his reach. So, the obvious solution is of course to kidnap girls.. All right, maybe the wording is a bit unfair, but the story is still true. These girls are your daughters. That’s right, you are Neptune (?). You have to catch crabs, and feed them to the snake, so it will release your daughters. Dive in..

This game was suggested to me by ‘The Highlander’ and ‘snx70’. Links to their channels here:

Game links:

Intro music: ‘Sad Past’ by Silent Partner
End music: ‘Dub Hub’ by Jimmy Fontanez


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6 thoughts on “CC64 playing "Neptune's Daughters" (1983). Game #113.

  1. Strange one indeed. But that's really how things rolled during those times, so not at all surprised that it how it goes. Always good to see a weird one like this, that's for sure.

  2. Thanks for playing this rather annoying game Brian. The memories all came back in a big shock! The level where you can catch the oxygen bubbles actually inspried me to write my own game. I forgot that this is where I got the idea back then.
    Loved the video!

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