Can you solve the jail break riddle? – Dan Finkel

You’re a bank robber trying to escape from jail. Can you solve the riddle to get past the fence to freedom?

Your timing made you and your partner infamous bank robbers. Now, you need to use that timing to break out of jail. Your partner is about to flash you a signal, and exactly 45 seconds later the electric fence circuit will short out. Then you notice that your watch is broken, and all you have are two 1-minute fuses in your pocket. Can you time your escape and get free? Dan Finkel shows how.

Lesson by Dan Finkel, directed by Artrake Studio.

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50 thoughts on “Can you solve the jail break riddle? – Dan Finkel

  1. Answer:

    Throw the objects every 15 secs. If they burn keep waiting. Eventually they won’t burn and you run through. And if a hardened criminal can’t count 15 seconds then I dunno what the world is anymore

  2. Light both ends of fuse 1 and one end of fuse 2 when you get the signal. Once fuse 1 had burned up, 30sec have passed since it burned twice as fast. When fuse 1 has burned, light the other end of fuse 2. Fuse 2 had 30sec left of burning, so doubling the burn rate will make it burn out in 15sec. 30sec for fuse 1 to burn plus 15sec for fuse 2 afterwards gives the needed 45sec.

  3. but i thought you said they burn "irregularly"?

    Meaning those fuses could burn 52 seconds on one end and 8 seconds on the other end. Or 24 seconds on one end or 36 seconds on the other end 🤔

  4. Buenísimo, me estoy volviendo más listo, me salio luego luego, ojalá así hubiera Sido el ozo UnU

  5. 0:27 I only have "a second or two" time window to negotiate an electric fence? To be honest I would rather just stay and serve out my time!

  6. We created Einstein's Riddle game, based on classic riddle – more than 80 unique text riddles.
    Please google "xogoslab.Einstein_s_riddle" in case you are interesting. Have a perfect day.

  7. I got the insight for the first 30 second part but I couldn't think about how to shorten the other fuse

  8. I had a different solution in mind.
    – Light both ends of the first string
    – At the moment it burns out light the last string from both ends and center, thus giving 15 seconds

  9. Before I watch the solution: Light both ends of string one and light one end of string two. After string one has burned, light the other end of string two

  10. Far too flawed a riddle.
    Edit: Adding dots to hide the reason (anti-spoiler).

    There would be delays in the actual lighting of the fuses, delays in observing when they burnt out, not to mention delays in the actual motion of getting through the fence in less then one second AFTER the 45 seconds is verified.
    It is a theoretical solution, not a practical one.

  11. Sees This For The First Time:
    Ignores It
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  12. Who can solve this little riddle surprisingly not solved yet: two Male persons, including two fathers and one son go fishing. What's the name of the older one? Only one solution, an exact name

  13. Lol ez. I dont need the lighter and fuses to count 45 seconds. Ill just ask someone in prison what time it is, then count accordingly.

  14. Honestly I trust my ability to count out 45 seconds more than I trust my ability to light a fuse at the exact moment another fuse burns out

  15. The criminal is wearing rubber boots. Just grab onto the fence, wait for the electricity to stop spiking your hair, and walk through (careful not to get near to the ground).

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