Betty Bad (WildTangent Original) Gameplay 1

Here’s the full verison

To play the Full version:
1. first create both a file “”1st and “Betty Bad”2nd on Program File before installing,

2. then Browse the destination folder to Program Files.

For Example:
C:\Program Files\\Betty Bad

3. Copy and Paste both the “Betty Bad Patch Full Compile” .reg file and app file to Betty Bad.

4. Then first open the “.reg file” “click yes”, and then open the app file.

5. Click on the Game, and Trial version will be gone.


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18 thoughts on “Betty Bad (WildTangent Original) Gameplay 1

  1. IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE NAME OF THIS GAME FOR YEEEEAAARSSSSS OMFG!!!!!! When i was a kid i deleted the demo that came with the computer by accident and been banging my head against the wall over it!!!

  2. Hi, someone comment my blog and he got some WT games working on modern Windows, check my updated blog. By the way it's me Eddy

  3. ChrisA comment at my blog and he got some WildTangent games for full version working on Windows 10 and he upload it here!yrhhyYCJ!xDT_yCX1VM1Sk0K6RUkQ5RcIqnzVxtqv3ZAMwDyCerc, if anybody wants to try it

  4. I have update WildTangent installer of Betty Bad and the full game here!uU1RyAQa!GVRtw28-7DYs2ZdVF1yJ_Dg3i0wZDPjYpHCozsVe6_Y

  5. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{9950DFB4-4279-45CE-B137-20769DB3D235}]
    @="Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371 Class"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{9950DFB4-4279-45CE-B137-20769DB3D235}InprocServer32]
    @="C:\Program Files\\Betty Bad\params.dll"
    @="Params.Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371"Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTParams.Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371]
    @="Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371 Class"[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTParams.Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371CLSID]
    @="Params.Props43C489F878D34DABB09AF0346A98B371.1"It says all of this…I tried to open it but I still get the trial…Can you give a step by step of how you got it to work?

  6. The trick is to open the "Betty Bad Patch (Registration Entries file)" to notepad. It will show the "C:\Program Files\\Betty Bad\params.dll" destination. Then go back to the instructions

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