2018 Hacking FFBE with game Guardian 2

How to hack ffbe with gameguardian using Nox emulator.

1. Click on your character so that u see his stats, hp, mp, attract, etc
2. You will see hp (your hp in white) then any increase u have in green.
3. Subtract the green number from the white number, example hp 2016(in white) 24 (in green). Subtract it and u get 1992
4. Do the same for mp, example 214(in white) and 217(in green) so u get 99
5. So we have 1992 for hp and 118 for mp, click on gameguardian, and click on search, in the value you will put your hp(1992) semi colon and your mp(118). So it will look like 1992;118
6. Check the box that says “ordered” and click new search
7. Now it will produce multiple values, if you are lucky it will produce only 2
8. What u will see a string of numbers and letters followed by your hp(1992) or mp(118)
9. Out of all the values it produces only one will be the right one to edit you stats.
10.. Click one of them that has your hp and click go to
11. It will list all the stats of that un

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