10 Insane Video Game Achievements Only Hardcore Players Unlocked

You managed to clear six thousand lines, save 30 NPCs, interact with four different dustbins, ALL BLINDFOLDED within 6.5 seconds? Cool. Have an achievement, you monster.

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47 thoughts on “10 Insane Video Game Achievements Only Hardcore Players Unlocked

  1. One crazy achievement I earned is "Crowning Glory" for Perfect Dark XBLA. For that one, there were 26 "Leaderboard Crowns" I had to earn, which are a set of mini-achievements. There were 21 level-specific awards; 1 award for earning every multiplayer bonus at least once; 3 awards for completing speedruns for the Agent, Special Agent, and Perfect Agent difficulties; and 1 award for clearing every level on Perfect Agent with auto-aim disabled.

    My god… what a difficult completion Perfect Dark was. On the bright side, my experience helped fine-tune my skills on first-person shooters; later on, I managed to finish the entire CoD: Modern Warfare Trilogy on Veteran Mode. MW1 was the hardest of the lot.

    What else…? Oh. Right. Getting every achievement in Jetpac Refueled and Perfect Dark Zero was a pain. There was also the "Not So Bad" achievement in the DooM Classic Unity Remake, where I had to finish episodes 1-3 in cooperative mode on Nightmare difficulty. I still haven't finished the "When I'm With You" achievement in the DooM 2 Unity Remake, which has the same requirements…

  2. any of the seriously achievements from gow should have made it. i have seriously 1.0 and i am satisfied with thtat

  3. For Elite Triple only the fighting rank is time consuming. Explorer is easy to create over passenger missions (sights) and trading goes quickly through mining or through passenger missions (transport). The Elite Trader can even be completed in 12 hours.
    For combat rank the "fastest" way is to fight against scouts. But it still takes a while.

  4. I got a T-Shirt for being one of the first people to complete Spellbinder on the Acorn Electron in about 1987/8.
    Cyan burned into my brain.

  5. I do have the black ops3 one took me 3 days to get it. For the greatest calling card that game. Never been more proud of it.

  6. There was this one achievement on RDR1 which you could only get by killing a player who already had it, and the first person to get it did so by killing a developer.

  7. I was the second person to achieve triple Elite but I bought the game a month after release. I'd say this one is the easiest from the list.

  8. Anyone remember completing the final halo 3 mission on legendary 4 player coop with the iron skull and ghosts?

  9. No 7 day survivor from dead rising? Play for 13 hours straight with no saves while your health constantly ticks down so you actually have to play it and search for food and you cant die or it's back to the start.

  10. Rayman legends platinum trophy has got to be on this list, took me almost a year and a half to get the level 11 of awesomeness, which popped the platinum

  11. What about the "Seriously" achievements in the Gears of War series, which you get for getting every onyx medal?

  12. Flawless Raider Trophy for Destiny (PS4)… not sure if ppl could cheese the Crota Raid on Xbox as well however those that cheesed the raid and got the trophy did so by cheating so..not legit.. Flawless raider requires a team to complete a raid without ever dying or leaving and rejoining… almost nobody has gotten this trophy legit.. if you have congratz…my accomplishment was done on Vault of Glass (Hard) with a 6-man team, our 6th unfortunately dced but we finished nonetheless and got the trophy.

  13. I HATE online only acheivments. Too many are impossible to earn due to services closing down/no players.

  14. Some stuff missing:
    Beating Penance in FFX.
    Getting the achievement: Insane in the Membrane, in WoW Online.

  15. Me and my dad play elite he got triple elite last month and I am about to get dobble elite we have both got over 1500 hours playing time
    It is the only game my dad plays

  16. ninja gaiden trophies oberall… the grinding. arkham asylum god the online teophies and the fastest death of a game lol. luckily i stopped really caring about achievements. now i only platinum the games i really like and enjoy. btw friday the 13th lol…that was insane

  17. My #1 gaming achievement I’ll never forget is completing the entire halo 3 campaign with 4 players on legendary and the no resets skull activated. It took us nearly 20 hours of str8 grinding but it was so much laughing with my friends and getting pummeled by brutes. RIP to those good ol days my friends. Like if u know what I’m talking about

  18. Elite dangerous= WTF IM IN A WORM HOLE
    (First time I had an indirection)


    Basically: just stay to space rubble and mining unless you have the weaponary to actually win… and know how to use it…gah…

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