▶ Two Scoops : A Green Screen project by Robert Rodriguez

BlackBerry have been enlisting people around the world to be part of a unique collaboration with Robert Rodriguez, the creative genius behind movies like Sin City, Desperado and From Dusk till Dawn.
Robert shot an action-packed short film, and asked fans to help complete the story by acting, tweeting, drawing and even appearing on Missing Person posters.
The collaboration is now complete and you can see the finished film right here, along with the best contributions from fans, and some documentary footage to tell the story of the project.

BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 are available at Darest Informatic.

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10 thoughts on “▶ Two Scoops : A Green Screen project by Robert Rodriguez

  1. Remember when there was a contest where you can be in this film by video taping yourself being the guy on on their TV screen? The winner will have their video on there playing that role

  2. I mean, "fast, cheap and in control" motto works when you do something creative and with talented people, not a bunch of crap with overused tropes, bad acting and silly wink to the camera.

  3. I think this has a good amount of camp, minus the sound effects that have to do with ice cream. Those just make me extremely uncomfortable.

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